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Good vape to start out with?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goodvibess, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what you guys think a good vape to start out with would be. I kinda want a porto vape like an mflb but I'm not sure. Not looking to spend a crazy amount either. If anyone could help out that'd be great. Thanks guys

    rep+ for people with informative and quality replies haha:smoke:
  2. The launch box is good, the solo is better.

    I think the Solo is better than the Pax but there are people that disagree. The solo is a portable vape (~$150) can work as a desktop vape (with a 40 dollar wall plug adapter) and can be used to vapo-bong.

    The pax is ~$250 and its shiny.

    I don't know much about other portable devices.
  3. Word thanks for the advice man. appreciate it, rep+
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  4. my first vape was the mflb, i still use it daily and i love it. ive had it for like four months
  5. I recently got the DBV for my first vape and I'm happy with my purchase, but it's a desktop vape. I tried a friends MFLB and it got the job done. I really like to looks of the pax though!
  6. first vape, if you want to try it out with a nice small portable with great performance, than get the solo. $160 on puffitup with free shipping. and grinder if that matters to you lol i can vouch for the site. and for arizer.
  7. If you want portable then disregard this post but the Vapor Brothers vaporizer is excellent. I have a hands free model that I bought for myself as a graduation present about 4 and a half years ago now. Its a great starter vape, easy to use and learn how to use, easy to clean and maintain and it even comes with a warranty plan so if anything breaks you send it into vaporwarehouse and they send you a new one.

    Honestly though in all the time I have had mine I have not had any trouble with it ( I do maintain it very good though, mainly stays in one place and I have only dropped it one or twice). It is tied with my bong as my favorite smoking utensil. They run for about $150 which I personally dont think is bad at all for a vape of this quality and that it is made in the USA. I give it a 9/10, its no Volcano but it is definitely the Mercedes or BMW of the vape world imo. Hope this helped a little bit.
  8. about $150 will get you da buddha, which is the first vape i bought. it's a high quality vaporizer and you will not "out-grow" it. it's basically the same as the silver surfer (a bit more expensive), minus a few features.

    a lot of people praise the MFLB, but i've never used it. but the general opinion on it (from the responses I've read) is that it's a good vape for the price and gets the job done... but not nearly as well as a good, quality desktop vape. the pax is supposedly a much better/more effect portable vape, but it also costs a lot more.

    unless you NEED a portable vape for whatever reason, i'd recommend spending around $150 on a desktop vape. there are a few good options in that price range, and you can get good feedback/advice on all of them from forum members here. check out the vaporizer section for some more info!

    Vaporizers - Forums
  9. Definitely go desktop, I started out with a mflb, and while I love it, I know that desktops are inherently better in efficiency and are usually harder hitting. Also, the da Buddha requires a smaller learning curve than the mflb
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    Portable vapes are nice and all but you can not beat the consistency and ease of use as a desktop vape. If I were to only have a single vaporizer for the rest of my life it would either be Da Buddha or the Extreme Q. Both perform amazingly, are virtually indestructible and get you high as shit from basically no weed. They are both really easy to cart around to if you want to bring it places.

    Obviously I have an MFLB as well but I have a few complaints about it. It really isin't good for seshing with multiple people which most desktop vapes are. The batteries are extremely low quality and will eventually die. If you want to make the best out of the MFLB you should but the wall adapter to, but if your spending that kind of money you should just get a desktop. Also the MFLB is kinda fragile so if you drop it from a decent height you could snap your stem or your lid.
  11. thanks for the input everyone, i gave ya rep as promised. if i missed one of ya just gimme a shout, no biggie! :)
  12. I recommend the Extreme Q also.

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