Good Tunes, Molly, and Female

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  1. So, I have this story I would like to share with you wonderful people.

    STS9 two night run in ATL. 7 hour drive from Mississippi. Me, my buddy, and another friend.

    Right before we head off I am informed that the girl coming with us (Ashley) has a friend that decided to tag a long. (Heather)
    This girl was fuckin smokin.
    We stop and pick up a little over a quarter of some good, and our journey begins.

    Smoking our way to ATL, we arrive at the Tabernacle. The girl that tagged along scored some good molly while we were in line to get our tickets.
    We get in the venue after the opening act ended. STS9 comes on and starts tearing shit up.
    We were all fucking groovin. Fuck, the whole goddamn place was groovin. My buddy Kevin ate some acid he got from a friend he met up with at the show who also gave me some shrooms. Ashley ate some acid she got before we left. (if only I had known) Heather is rollin and sippin on some drinks. I'm fuckin high as hell and saving my mushrooms for the second night.
    End of the 1st set.

    Heather leaves to go meet up with some friends and I catch a guy in front of us handing some cash to another dude.
    I ask whats up and he says he has a bunch of molly.
    I wanted to split a gram with Heather because we talked it over earlier. But she was gone, so I said fuck it. I turned down a 130 gram... I gave him 20 bucks. Dude fucking puts atleast .3 or .4, possibly .5 on my hand.:D He says, damn, I didn't mean to give you that much, but fuck it. I was fuckin happy. Kevin saw this go down and instantly says he wants some too.

    The guy said "you aren't going to get as much as this guy, and points to me haha. He ended up hooking kevin up with atleast .2 for 20 so it was all good.
    Begin second set.

    Heather made it back and was stoked that we found some molly.

    Next thing I know, with good tunes all up in my brain, this highly attractive, almost 22 year old, way out of my league just randomly asks if I have a girlfriend. I reply with a solid no.

    We started dancing together and makin out here and there.

    I couldn't believe I just got with this smokin hot chick.
    End second set. End Encore. Both fucking amazing.

    We try and hit up the after party. Me and Heather are rolling dick. Kevin's friend says he will meet us there, and Kevin and Ashley are fucking tripping balls.

    Me and Heather hop in the back of the car and start fucking around and what not.
    She says she wants to take this further than a one night stand. We keep telling each other that shit isn't going to be awkward tomorrow and we are both cool with how we feel.

    I'm flippin my shit at this point. Rolling fucking hard, mind completely blown that this badass chick is diggin me.

    Afterparty was fuckin raw as shit. My first time to hear some dubstep LIVE!

    As we ride back to my parents house just north of Atlanta, me and Heather are just cuddling on the way back. Molly slowly wearing off. Smoking lots of bud.

    We get back to my parents place around 5 a.m. My Mom and little brother are just waking up to go to some tennis tournament in Rome or something. They leave and we spark up a nice fatass nug blunt.

    All of a sudden Ashley asks Heather where she is sleeping. Without even giving her time to respond, Ashley says, "you should just sleep with me."
    Fucking facepalm.

    Just like that. Cockblocked.

    We wake up the next day and get our ass to the second night of STS9 with a fucking badass list of bands opening up. We are all in the lot, I eat my shrooms, and we walk into some ampitheatre.

    Lotus is fucking pumping out the good vibes like always.
    Now, me Kevin, Ashley, and Kevin's friend Brad all had pit tickets. Heather did not. She does say though that her friends can sell me and her a half gram of molly for 100 bucks. I should have just picked up the full gram the night before, but fuck it.
    I said alright, and I throw her 50 bucks. We make sure it's cool if we go to the pit, while she meets her friends. She says yes and she will call us.
    Let the jamming begin. Lotus was super badass. Lotus ends. I decide to get a fucking 5 dollar powerade. BAM. Mushrooms start hitting me.

    Darkparty (Alex B and Leo123 I think) come on between Lotus and Ghostland.
    I was blown away. These dudes fuckin brought it.
    I ask Ashley if she has gotten a call from Heather about the molly and she says no.

    Ghostland Observatory came on next and the mushrooms were in full effect. FUCKING PARTY TIME!!
    It was my first time seeing Ghostland and I can't wait to see them again. Those 2 dudes were so much fun to see. The crowd was diggin it. Ghostland was diggin it. I was fucking digging it. (Also, Lotus' guitarist was fucking like 5 feet from us in the pit during Ghostland. I couldn't believe it.)
    Ghostland Ends. I realize it is dark.
    I ask Ashley if she has gotten a call from Heather about the molly and she says no.

    Bassnectar came on next and fucked my world up.
    For the previous shows we up in the front of the pit, but for Bassnectar, we were towards the back of the pit with plenty of space to jam the fuck out.
    All I remember is Bassnectar+Mushrooms melting my brain while I got the fuck down in this big ass space.

    STS9 came on and played on big ass set. It was massive. It was an amazing ending to a badass musical journey that me and what seemed like thousands of other people got to enjoy over the weekend.

    As we are walking out, some guy came up and offered me chocolates. 20 a piece he said. Steep or not, I didn't care. He said 3 for 50. I said yes sir. After I bought them he said there were 2 grams a piece in each. I was sorta bummed but didn't really care.
    (Later found out that those chocolates had to have more than 2 grams. I ate one chocolate a couple days later and tripped hardcore. I ate half of one the next weekend during some BOOMBOX IN MISSISSIPPI and had a very enjoyable trip.)

    We head back to the lot and Ashley trys to call Heather. No answer. We wait up on her. Never came.
    We say our goodbye's to Brad, and he heads back to Huntsville.

    We drive back into town the next day.
    Turns out Heather lost her phone and some random ass dude picked up the next day, and mailed it to her or something...

    A day later Kevin gives me 20 bucks. He said he hit Heather up on facebook. She fronted him 20 bucks for the after party and he said that she said to give me the 20 and she will get me the other 30 when she sees me.

    I don't have a facebook, so I had to get her number from Ashley a little while later.
    I hit her up with a simple message, hoping to get some input as to how she felt about the first night. I told her that it was me from Sound Tribe. Never got a response.

    So, I had a bangin ass weekend August 21 and 22.

    I still don't know how that girl felt about the first night. She knows where I work. I know where she works.
    I'm so suprised she was digging me.(Either she was, or the molly was. I wish I knew) I've been trying to lose weight and get in shape (-30 pounds so far SAYWHAT?!) since I haven't gotten my dick wet since my last relationship. It was a 4 year relationship, and I have't gotten any action since.(A whole fucking year:() So obviously I got fed up with not getting any, and started runnin and shit. I'm only 19. This badass girl was so outta my league.

    I feel like I fucked up and should have been more straighforward with her and just called her ass, not texted her like a little bitch but whatever.

    Now she has 30 dollars of mine.
    I'm confused.
    I should hit her up again, but the fact that she didn't say shit in reply to my text leads me to believe she isn't interested, and was just really fucked up that night. I honestly don't know.
    When everyone was running around chasing pussy in highschool I was already in a relationship. So I never really got any game. Or experience. I have fucked 2 girls in my lifetime. One was the girl I with for 4 years, and the other, I fucked once. The girl I fucked once was coincidentally 3 years older than me and was also of my league. I can't remember what happened to her. So a year with no pussy lead me to recently start working on my game, motivated me to lose some weight, and stop feeling sorry for myself after that long shitty relationship which I feel like, took a whole fucking year to get over.

    Props to anyone that read all of this. I've been eating adderall all day and wrote this in 2 sittings in between studying and I'm damn near positive half of it was mindless rambling.

  2. Damn that shit is long...
  3. Might have just been the drugs, ive hooked up with random people that were rolling balls too. Then waking up the next morning next to them like uhh. Depending on the person, it might change they way they see you, in a good or bad light. i guess it depends. If she has your money though, definitely get it back. then try to see if she wants to hangout again.

  4. thats your plan right there dude^^^^^
  5. well i just read it all as i wait for my next class, but man it her up atleast get your money back but also find out if she wants to go on a date on something just a movie and dinner something simple
  6. You managed to pull a george costanza man. She has your money, so you have a legit reason to call her and meet up again-- then just see how it goes form there.
  7. All ya'll fools make a good point, and your input is mucho appreciated.

    All that is left to do is just grow some balls and hit her up. I feel like the conversation is doomed from the beginning.

    For some reason, probably my mediocre self-confidence, I feel as if she totally regrets the whole night, or at least the part I was involved in.

    She didn't seem to ecstatic about getting that molly the second night. But what the hell do I know? I am probably jumping to conclusions.

    Even if all else fails, I will probably never see her again and at least I would have my 30 bucks back.

    Worst case scenario: Get 30 bucks.

    I guess that's fucking cool haha

    I still think it's weird, I mean, I have rolled fucking way harder than I did that night, but I am still in control of my emotions. I wouldn't just talk shit like that and not mean any of it. I guess if she is the kind of person who would, then it's not my loss, but if not, I definitely need to hit her up again.
    I just gotta think, worst case scenario, apart from being rejected by a fine ass bitch(which makes that whole encounter a regret for her, which fucking blows for me) I will still get 30 bucks.

    I've found myself thinking that I should have asked for her number on the ride to the afterparty. I gotta step that shit up son...
  8. Proly was the Molly. It can do strange things to a person, sorry man.
  9. she probably just doesnt want to give you thirty dollars.
  10. As soon as I finished reading all of that, someone walked in my room a placed a gold sticker on my shirt....he said, "good job!"
  11. That good sir, is fucking awesome.:D

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