Good trippy/mindfuck-filled games to play after smoking

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by DaLime, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Forgive me if there's already a thread on this =P I love to play trippy games after smoking; a few examples are Fallout 3, SCP: Containment Breach, Amnesia, Alice: Madness Returns, Alice Is Dead, and others that aren't in the horror genre.

    I've heard of a few especially trippy games, like LSD, but it's really old and so the graphics are pretty bad (I'd recommend looking the gameplay up on youtube, it's definitely strange); not to mention, I don't think it's free.

    Does anyone know of any decent games that are preferably (but not necessarily free) that you especially enjoy playing after smoking?

    P.S. American McGee's Alice's storyline, gameplay, and graphics is absolutely amazing; definitely recommend buying it or, at the very least, watching some gameplay on YouTube (especially the last game that recently came out). :smoking:
  2. doom 3 maybe?
  3. I'm alot like you, I love getting high then tripping out in games. I fucking LOVE playing ac3 high the story is a mindfuck and it's so badass to watch this little Indian rape 25 redcoats in hand to hand combat
  4. the first FEAR game. You'll probably shit yourself a few times. I can attest to pissing myself a few times.

    Or the shroomin parts of Far Cry 3's campaign are fun shit to experience.
  5. If you're looking for trippy games, try fallout 3 on pc with some mods that add drugs and visual effects.

    I made a thread with a bunch of photos of my fallout 3 setup, i don't really feel like finding the link right now though haha. Modded fo3 looks better than cod
  6. Geometry Wars 2 on XBLA.
  7. The original Clocktower, it is so fun when you're high. The graphics on it are really outdated but it makes up for it with game-play. I really recommend you play it OP, him running at you with those gigantic scissors and you frantically finding a place to hide is quite the experience.

    I was playing one time and he started running at me down a hallway and I had to quickly pick a room to hide in, I ended up picking one that has nothing but cubicles. The sound of him coming in and hearing his scissors, was very immersive.
  8. Yume Nikki, a game where you mostly walk around and explore areas collecting effects and somewhat interacting with things in the character's dream world. I imagine it's not for everyone but I've played it high many times and it's very nice.
  9. i suggest Dead Space 1 & 2 and Portal 2. Those are games that my glossy red eyes seem to enjoy :ey:
  10. Katamari Damacy. That game is trippy when high
  11. You cant go wrong with dead space 1 or 2.
    Nothing comes close to creating the terrifying atmospheres in these games and it is almost unbearable when your high.
    I highly recommend them!
  12. Dishonored
  13. Little Big Planet 2,Beautiful Katamari,Dark Souls,and 1 im surprised no one mentioned is Arkham City i used to get dumb high and glide around that beautiful city hangin on choppers,clearin rooms lurkin in the shadows and walkin the streets pickin fights with unfortunate henchmen mutilating 5+ thugs on my own like a boss.Awesome game

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