Good transplant pots before final pot?

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  1. What do you guys use! So far my girl has been loving her transplant pot. But she is already growing out of it!
    I thought I spotted mold on the pot (I have her in a coco fiber pot) so I was concerned. Come to find out —she’s already poking some of her roots out from underneath and at the bottom half! I want to build a strong root system before I transplant to final pot, what do you guys suggest?
    I won’t be planting the coco pots directly in — don’t wanna restrict root growth :(
    What good pots have you found locally that work great? Any experiences would help.
    Thanks, blades.
  2. Anyone —?
  3. Fabric pots or smart pots are always good choice. They allow for aeration. And because the roots are air pruned as they grow through the fabric, it is less likely you’ll end up with root bound plants.

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  4. Also less likely to be overwatered as they drain more effectively than plastic pots.

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  5. I’ve got an airpot, I just needed something for transplant before I place it in it’s final pot, but I already got something for now. Just a regular plastic one until I transplant again.

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