Good topics for 18th&19th century

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  1. Were doing a project on the 18th and 19th century, we can pick anything from that century. (1700-1899) I can't find anything good that I would like to do, so do anyone of you know any good topics about it?
  2. Use of currently illegal drugs as medicine. Opium, Cocaine, Anphetamines?, cannabis. Pretty much every drug that is illegal was used as a medicine. It's pretty interesting, those "miracle" cures usually involved them.
  3. Beethoven.
  4. I don't want to do anything about drugs, that just gives off a hint, and if I get introuble for that I'm gone. Beethoven, isn't really my kind of thing, I know he was blind and could write music, but it doesn't sound all that interesting, especially when we had to learn all about him in 3rd grade.
  5. Look up Nikola Tesla. One of the most amazing mother fuckers you'll ever read about.
  6. 1st / 2nd industrial revolution

    french revolution
  7. The Life and Times of Tiny Tim

    You'll ace that shit for sure
  8. Actually, he was deaf.
  9. Alchemy would be an interesting subject......and i mean more than just turning shit into gold.....
  10. Oh yeah, my bad, blind and deaf I get mixed up with when I'm blazed.
  11. Do one on the founding fathers, the revelution, and all the events that happened to gain our freedom and our constitution.
  12. I like how everyone ignored my Nikola Tesla statement. Just like the world did...
  13. haha that makes me chuckle.

    as for a real topic how about the discovery of the new world.
  14. Actually, I did research on Nikola, and know almost everything about him. My teacher is pretty cool so he asked me what I liked and told me I should try the romantic arts. I sort of know a little about it, but does anyone have a short summary?
  15. A real topic? Arg, does NO one have any idea what this man did for our country? Seriously. I saw that a person put what I said in their signature, and I appreciate that. I wish more people would realize what he did..and how he was constantly robbed throughout his life.
  16. the industrial revolution?
  17. well, he's reffered to as "the man who invented the 20th century", so he would be just out of his topic's specifications, though I recognize his contribution to modern society, very important guy
  18. I hate to break it to you but Columbus accidently discovered what is known today as America in the late 1400's, and the vikings discovered it even earlier than that. So yea try to think of an event that happened a couple hundred years after that.
  19. To Salug - (My quote button won't work for some reason)

    Telsa was born in he does qualify.

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