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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, Dec 4, 2003.

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  1. Whats up people. I dont know if you remember me or what. I been livin in Thailand for the last year, and im back in Cali for a few months. Gonna make a little cash on the side before i go back if you know what i mean. Anyways just wanted to say what up and its good to be postin again.

    Oh yeah, its so fuckin good to be back to smokin real chronic, all i had over there was pretty shitty and I didnt even really blaze that much, maybe once a month. I havent been drinking here like I did when I was over there, but god damn have I been smokin. Good to be back to civilization, gonna toke up and chill on here for a while.
  2. I remember ya, welcome back to the City! :wave:

    I also remember the picture of your girlfriend in Thailand that you posted. Bet it really sucked to leave her behind. Every move is a new begining though.

    Good to have ya back home again. :D
  3. yeah i remember ya saying you going to thailand......from what i hear it\'s ma great place for backpackers, but you\'ve really gotta watch your back........i\'ve heard some horror stories from there as well.......peace out.........Sid
  4. Actually I broke up with her after A while, she had me pretty pussy whipped for a while so I got a little too attached, almost got married too. Anyways I got another girl waiting for me over there, she\'s a rare find and is fucking gorgeous and perfect. Goes to University, works with a company, is only two years older opposed to four like the last one, and she\'s so sweet.

    Anyways, I am so bored right now there is like nothing to do in LA except smoke bud and chill on the weekends. Back in Bangkok i\'d just go down to a pool bar or a club and chill there all day or night with a 99 percent chance of getting laid, but its not goin anywhere and will be there when I do get back.

    *Tokes up*

    here\'s to boredom

  5. Lol, sounds like a good enough time to me! ;)
  6. Yeah, you\'re remembered, dude! :D Welcome back!
  7. hey... i remember you... glad to see ya back man :)
  8. dident you want me to adopt you?

    or was that someone elts..?

  9. Surely, you jest! Nothing to do in LA? Are we talkin\' Los Angeles? Or are you in some place like Los Altos? LA? Huh! You don\'t get out much, do you?
  10. I remember you :D

    Welcome back.

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