Good Times and Bad Times

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Addicted, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Well, first I will start with the bad times.. Recently my friend was arrested for possesion of 20kilos, but the worse part is that this was not his pot, but mine that he was holding while I was in rough times. Right now he is looking 25years - life in prison, even though he was stupid enough to get caught it sucks(was doing a roadie, and was pulled over... in the proceding weeks his house was searched). He is currently 18 and looking at life, so my shouts go out to MJ.

    Well, about 3 week before he was arrested we had a few DXM trips.. Week 1: about 30min into the trip we start feeling the effects(this time we took alot of DXM, I mean alot). 15minutes pass with some freaking out of by my 2 best friends who claimed the room was being swarmed by maggots, beetles, bees, and even birds when suddenly MJ claims the "cops" are here.. He starts to get paranoid grabs my bar stool, and smashes my window. At this point we knew he was completely freaking and we try to calm him down, but forgot what we were talking about... I think... Anyway, he climbs out of the window and is sharded by the remaining glass in the frame. Usually if something like this happens he usually stops ands figures out that he is being dumb, but this time it was different, instead he ran through my alley into a large rocky feild. Unable to stop him cause we were tired as shit!!!! we let him go... Well, 4 hours pass and suddenly my friend arrives back to my house, feet bleeding and dirty.. He then told us what happened on his run.. He says he broke the window(duh), and then ran up my alley to the feild, he then ran to the top of a steep hill, and not stopping except to pluck the cactus spines out of his feet... He then continues on his way through downtown runs about 8 miles barefoot before he relizes that there are no "cops", and begins his walk back home, stops at a halfway house to see if he can get some shoes, but didn't find any.. Then he says he finally reached my house. Well, I then took him to the hospital were his feet were bandaged, and stitched up.

    Week 2: This time it was DXM in the form of Dramamine, but I didn't take any. MJ hobbled his ass to my house were we proceded to toke and he took his Dramamine... Once again he starts to see maggots and stuff, but sort of shakes it off.. He then decides he is going to play Starcraft only to get onto the log on screen sit there 45mintues trying to figure out how to put in a log in name and password(quite funny in my perspective, but he was really irratated). I finally pulled him off my computer before he punched my screen out and took him to my car for a joy ride.. Well, I drive an old 66' Mustang and if any of you know old carbuerated cars are fairly loud, and at high speeds you can hear the engine hum. Well, this freaked him out, he thought there was bees all up in my car and opens my car door smacking a reflector pole(DOH).

    Week 3: Well, this is the last week I spent with MJ. This weekend we threw a party at MJs' house and it was quite a GREAT party, cept I got really sick!! Well, this time MJ didn't fuck something of mine up, but did leave his party where then every started stealing his shit.. Anyway, this story is about my other friend. Party started with a bang we all began to get stoned and then we moved to the Jack Daniels, but just 6 shots.. I then mistakenly took some Dramamine, but with my friend who had also taken 6 shots and got stoned... I got really sick and threw my guts up, but my friend held his own and tripped like crazy... Well, he leaves the party and gets taken home by the cops. The next day he calls me and tells me what happened.. He said he left the party with me and System of a Down, he said he was walking to the High School(which was really a elementry school and his High School was about 15miles away). He then walks to the apartments that are near the elementry and thinks it is the apartments near the High School, he walks up to a random apartment and knocks on the glass window thinking it is his friends apartment.. only to get into a close fist fight with the guy who lived their cause he wanted in the house to talk to his friend. Well, the cops show up, he tells the cops all he did and then they ask him where his shoes are.. He lost his shoes on the way to the apartments... Oddly enough the cops just let him go.. no charges..

    But ya, as you can tell my friend likes to break things, but no worries items can be replaced, but my friends life which is being taken away for charges that should not even exist. My heart goes out to all the people that have lost a close friend/family member.
  2. The goverment it such a dicked up system, it loves to screw people over, if i got caught and was looking at 25 years id try an escape and high tale it to mexico. No way would i let 25 years of my life, getting butt raped, and waking up to some dickl head of a cell mate. good luck to your friend

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