Good techno/trance, similar to infected mushroom

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Evilpig, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Anyone know some good music like infected mushroom, darude, dj coone, etc.

    dont know much but ive been doing ecstasy a lot lately and now this is all i listen to. haha

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  2. The only stuff I listen to is electronic music similar to that. It's good to see someone else who likes this type of music. I'll give you a big list of the artists that I like, listen to them. If you like any of these let me know, I can give you lots more. All these artists sound orgasmic when you're rolling.

    Alice Deejay
    Armin Van Buuren
    Benny Benassi <--- Very good
    Carl Cox
    Chemical Brothers
    Cosmic Gate
    Daft Punk
    DJ Furax
    Eric Prydz
    Gabry Ponte
    Gigi D'Agostino
    Global Deejays
    Royal Gigolos
    Tom Snare
  3. Thanks for the list, appreciate it... ill download some later to see what they are like.

  4. Download some Aphex Twin, Warp Brothers, and Pete Tong too, I'll bet you'll like them.
  5. Download the song I Feel Space by Lindstrom
  6. DJ Tiesto, ATB, Chicane, Ian Van Dahl, etc.
  7. lol @ darude and DJ Coone.

    Alex K <-- king of scouse house in my opinion
    Armin van Buuren <-- love his releases and livesets, i choose AvB over tie-SHIT-o anyday
    ATB (his new style is amazing)
    Bad Boy Bill
    Benny Benassi (his newest release, only a few days ago, CRAZYYY)
    Chris Lake
    Dave Spoon
    David West
    Deadmau5 <-- my fav. producer
    DJ Zany (his older releases)
    Eric Prydz
    Heiko & Maiko
    Fedde Le Grand
    Gabriel & Dresden
    John Dahlback
    The Prophet
    Robbie Rivera
    Star Killers
    Tatanka <--OmG! insane hardstyle artist

    i'm all about the house and electro scene, as well as some progressive trance and hardstyle. nice to see some electronic music fans though.
  8. +rep to all of you, appreciate it!
  9. Right on Evilpig you just got me my second bar of rep, thanks man!
    What did Benassi just release urbandiesel? Damn I gotta look into this, that guys my hero.
  10. I just downloaded benassis newest album. Some of it's alright, but its all too similar. Especially that computer sounding voice.
  11. Not really a fan of techno at all...more of a drum and bass, trip-hop, house, IDM sort of guy. I've been listening to Theo Parrish and Aphex Twin's "Analord" series lately.
  12. Download some GMS and The Chemical Brothers' newest song - The Salmon Dance. It's featuring Fatlip and it's probably one of my favorite songs by them. You should like it, everyone who reads this should download it or check the video out here - Kind of industrial electro mixed with R&B, its got a great beat.
  13. omg hahahah that is the funniest vid i've seen all day
  14. Hahahaha I know man, that kids acting like he just sucked on a few blotters and starts imagining them fish singing, it's good shit. I fuckin love that song.

  15. Benny Benassi & Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (Pump-kin Remix)

    here's some info on it:

    send me a PM if you want me to upload it for ya ;)
  16. for your crashing or chill out mode, try listening to thievery corporation and kruder and dorfmeister

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