Good teachers reputation dragged through the muck.

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  1. First a little background about the teacher, this man has two young daughters, a wife, teaches junior high math, one of those teachers thats very involved with his students and invested in them. I know of a few students who still keep in contact with him long after they leave the school, just that kind of teacher. Well about a week ago my sister and mother, as well as one of my sisters friends, another female student, and their mothers, were called into a meeting with the superintendent and the principle of the school. Apparently there had been rumors of "inappropriate" conduct from this teacher. Basicly all that they had heard was that, we'll call him Mr. X, Mr. X was giving kids notes during class. Which in the experience of both my sisters, and others i've talked to is something he's always done. The notes generally just ask how students are doing or if everything is alright, pretty innocent shit. My sister and her friend both said that Mr. X was a good teacher and nothing he'd ever done or said around them had been inappropriate.
    Well unfortunately for Mr. X the third girl called into the office said something along the lines of Mr. X once touched my butt in the classroom when I was the last one there. She said it had happened roughly 3 months ago and that nothing else has happened sense. Over the next few days my sister asked her a few times exactly what happened, suprise suprise the story kept changing. Suddenly it was in the hallway, next day it happened on the stair case. Eventually my sister full on confronted her and asked if she was lying. This is what she said verbatim "Well he's a creep anyway, he deserved it". :eek:
    Thankfully my sister has a sense or morality and told the principle what she knew, but it more then likely wont be enough for him to keep his job. It's just incredibly unfair that one attention needy whore who saw an opportunity to have everyone asking her about some scandalous affair can completely tarnish a good mans reputation and life. Even if the school decided not to fire him, there would always be lingering questions from idiots who don't even know him. All because she needed some teenage drama bullshit to keep her occupied. Sometimes this world man.....
  2. thats a shame bro, would have bummed me out to see my least hated instructor go down like that.
  3. i know what ya mean man, shits fucked up sometimes.
  4. Fuck that bitch your sister calls a friend
  5. Well my sister isn't really friends with her, just knows her to some degree. Ya she's always lied for attention but this one is just completely out of hand.
  6. Yeah I know this teacher, he was my science teacher and track coach in grade school. Me and Oblivion know each other btw.

    Yeah this guy was chill as hell, he would let us get away with so much mistcheif and instantly shut down dumbass kids who would goof off in class in a funny ass way. This guy definatly isnt a perve, a lot of the girls were friends with him, and back in the day those were the hot bitches, I'm talking PREMO PEDO girls man, he never laid a finger or stalked them or nothing. Poor guy is basically getting framed by this stupid lying bitch.
  7. Same thing happened at a school nearby, I didn't go there but people I knew did except it was with him molesting two male students. Everyone had his back but the teachers rep was ruined so he committed suicide.
  8. I suggest the two of you inform as many people as you can/that will listen. Ohohoh! And see if your sister can get this girl to say it again, this time on a recording, that this girl doesn't know is running (most cellphones can record short messages now).
  9. Hmmm wouldn't it be horrible if news got out about how much of a whore this chick was? Im sure the students would love to hear the story of how she sucked some dick on the staircase.. or was it under the bleachers? Maybe she gave some good handjobs in the lunch room...?

    Oh well, this chick is a Bitch, she deserved it anyway.
  10. Tell your sister to tell the lying girl that she could be sued for defamation, and should come clean as soon as possible so she doesn't get royally fucked for lying about the situation.

    That might change her mind :)
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    A male teacher accused of molesting an underage girl, suing her for defirmantion? The law is on her side. She is a minor. I would not be surprised if this guy goes to jail and isn't allowed to see his kids without police supervision. :(
  12. What a dumb bitch, she is most likely a whore since she wants all that attention for her 50 foot wide nasty pussy and the love her parents never gave her. This shit pisses me off, i hope the teacher doesn't get in trouble.
  13. Doesn't the school have cameras?

    Well, the footage may not go back that far
  14. Yeah my buddy was saying his sister should Aim chat it or text the conversation to the girl and get her to admit she lied, then screen shot the message and print it out as proof
  15. If she is lying she is a monster. Shit like this disgusts me. There really isn't anything he can do to disprove it. She's going to ruin his life over this.
  16. punch that girl out.
  17. I had sex with a female teacher when i was 14...IT WAS GREAT!
  18. It sux how women have the power to ruin our lives with just a few simple words... Even IF you didn't do anything and the bitch just feels like ruining your life...

    And they always believe the girl.....
  19. Oblivion727

    Wouldn't be surprised if this was at my old high school.
  20. Your sister shoulda beat her ass on the principle of the matter, then told her the truth will set her punk ass free.

    Like, some real badass type shit to get dude his job back.

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