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  1. so im posting this cuse i told this story tonight smoking with my buddies and they told me i should put it up on a blog to share with ppl. and your my kind of ppl. so to unto you i give this tale, its not the best but it was a fun time i can be really hokey here and say its an insperation story. but at the end it was just a good story about how i tried to get laid.

    so without delay... to start this story i have to mention that im an avg kid.
    no bad looking, but nothing to stop in the street over. just in general an average person, who likes to blz. and like the avg person get with girls from time to time like ever other smuck on the street. or what im trying to say is that im not some frat guy who bangs a differnt girl every night like there growing on trees. I smoke trees and try and get women like the rest of us normal guys.

    so during high school years, my sister was a year older than me which had its ups and downs. for now ill just mention the ups which was that she had alot of hot friends .

    and now for the down, they never gave me the light of day. not even some 5 on 1 on the side. at that point my less than fun HS years i would have settled for it.

    so there was this girl who was a grade above me and smoking hot who was my sisters friend , never gave me the time of day and i was trying harder than ive tried before (and since).

    i would try and talk when she was over with my sister... and it was a no go.
    would try and hit her up in school and again ...never worked out
    i even joined a B.S class for a semester just to try and talk to this girl for an hour a day and still nothing,

    and then one day after they had graduated and were spending their last summer home this girl called me up.out of the blue and asked if i wanted to come over and hook up with her.

    i changed my boxers (kidding)and collected myself and said yes, im getting my one shot here to hook up with this girl. i might as well take it, better late than never. in restrospect,
    that was a sluttly thing to do on her part. not to be such a judge, from a chronic, chronic smoke but come on.

    but then i rememberd that i was a dipshit kid and couldnt even drive . nor did i have a car. (and after i got a car a few years later i think it actually made getting women worse) so i had to call a cab for them to take me over, becase i couldnt just wake up my mom and ask her to take me over to some girls house to try and spit game and get laid on a weekday night at midnight.

    and i deffantly couldnt ask my sister becase the one condition of this whole thing was that i couldnt tell her.

    so i called some really shady cab company which is almsot all of them , no offence. and got a ride over to this girls house. and in the cab from my ok ( this is a story about how i couldnt get laid im not going to say im poor on top of it, give me a break ) part of town to this girls mansion on a lake, i told the cabie who was a rasta wannabe about the story and about how i was trying to complete my journey of getting laid in high school and this might be the night i finally become a man.

    so i get there and the cabbie wishes me luck, and get out. in all my awkward teen glory.
    bad haircut, oddly long arms, and all.

    and this girl come out from her house wearing only a white sun dress.
    lies me down on her lawn. starts hooking up with me and all that good stuff.
    and then ... i didnt get laid .

    but i did get some good head, which is better than nothing.
    and then walked my broke ass back cross town just as the sun came up, blzed and went to bed.

    now to the part that kills it, on top of not getting laid. which led my buddies tonight to tell me to post it up somewhere as somewhat of a warning.

    my sister who i was not supposed to tell, was home a few weeks ( i think i made it at least 3) and making fun of me about how i never hooked up with that girl. and it slipped,
    didnt get into details but she was saying this in front of her other hot friends and i was trying to save at least a little bit of face so my balls didnt pack up and leave forever. which was kept of secret bewteen me and 5 high schools girls in the nato war room of my house for all of 5 minnutes before her friend was texted.
    and as they say the cat was out of the bag.
    and 10 minnutes before she told me that her cat was never coming out of anything for me becase after that.

    so thats my story, thanks for reading, sorry for the shitty ending, but hey, it was my loss.
    more for you , and all that bs.

    p.s if you didnt like it, i might suggest that you dont sip so much of that haterade before you read it next time.

    pps Im looking for an Illi, or Roor, Toro with a perc, or at least diffused and ice stoper in the nyc area if you can point me in the right direction, new or used is fine for me. ive settled for worse than a used bong
  2. +rep.

    good story, it kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat.

    GIRAFFE TESTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. good storey did u smoke with the rasta cab driver on the way there:smoking:

  4. no but when i look back i should have asked him to whip out a l or something.
  5. LMAO
    good story, at least u got sum head:hello:
  6. man...

    i got the part about you taking a cab cross town to get laid and not getting laid, but getting head.

    and walking home and blazin, or walking home blazed...

    but alot of the small stuff in that story really confused me.

    oh well i got the point of it.

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