good t5 bulbs for growing?

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  1. well after a month long wait ive finally gotten my seeds and going to be growing in a nice sized closet i have a 48" 4 bulb T5HO light fixture i was using on my saltwater aquarium but i upgraded to a 6 bulb T5 so i have this unit laying around and i was thinking i could use it for my grow i was wondering what bulbs do you guys recommend for this unit and are there bulbs i can use for the germ to the end or do i have to change bulbs for flowering? just trying to make it as easy as possible
  2. You can use Florescent lighting start to finish, im sure you wouldnt be happy with the results, but it could be done, as far as bulbs, Brand? Cant help, and depending on the stage of growth different spectrum would be suggested ( not required ).

    When i was first asking questions, and only enough capital to buy one light, i was recommend a high pressure sodium ballast / Bulb - The HPS would be a better choice start to finish.
  3. yea i thought about it but ive sunk so much money into this saltwater aquarium thats not gonna be possible right now so i have go with what i already have
  4. any one else?
  5. ive seen alot of grows before i started mine.the T5 bulbs are awesome to veg. you will need 6500k to veg. as for flowering you will need 2700k bulbs, and from what ive seen the buds lack density. i would say veg them with the T5 bulbs, save a little money and get a hps light to flower. you can get a 400 watt hps light with the bulb on sites like amazon and ebay for around $150, i am on my first grow and im working with a tight budget as well. i have a thread on here if you want to check it out and see what you think.
  6. Grow light 432 total watts 54 watts per tube, has 2 switches 4 tubes per switch. Comes with 8 6500k tubes and 8 300k tubes. Great for growing peppers, cucumbers, or tomatoes indoors during winter...................... someone i know has this for sale for 50 bucks... should i buy it ?
  7. I only use t5s for my veg room, they do great! Save on the electric bill and let me lay the lights right on the plants almost.
  8. yeh i plan on using them for my seeds when they break out get them close and no heat... i figured 50 bucks was an extremely good price...
  9. I like t5 light because they give off even spread and their spectrum is very good for growing.
    I like the Hydrofarm EnviroGro line as they are cheap but have quality!
  10. I have the hydrofarm 2ft 8lamp t5, works amazing I use it from hatch until flowering week 1. Then I switch to a 600hps.

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