Good sunday...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Chill day.

    Did alot of bussiness today with eletronics.

    Then played basketball with my bro for a couple hours. Drank 2 40's while playin ball.

    Now chillin again, Drinkin another 40.

    Bout to make some money.

    Check it.

    This is what my backyard looks like right now.

    Bout to come on up.





  2. haha tight dude do they all work?
  3. Most of em.

    Couple of em scrappers, Take the fuses out if they got em. Take anything valuable out. And scrap the metal and anything worth money.
  4. wtf.. you gettin that shit hot or what?
  5. Thats what I was thinking..
  6. Hell naa.

    Shits 100% legit.

    I dont commit any crimes, I dont break laws. ;) ;) :p
  7. lol how do you get it then?
  8. I said i dont commit crimes.

    I obviouslly illegaly smoke weed, pop pills, eat shrooms, snort coke ect.

    Figure it out homie.

    I jus plead the fifth, Im innocent, I dont admit to shit.
  9. haha thats the way to do it, I'm pretty sure with the picture's and you saying how you got them, they could use it somehow. how much do you get per stereo/tv abouts?:confused:
  10. hahahahahaha right on ksr thats some nice stuff you purchased at garage sales and whatnot. im glad your staying away from all that illegal stuff cus fuck that shit is dangerous... hope you make some bank and buy something nice.:rolleyes:

    edit: also, do you buy the wheels and tires right off of cars or do you buy them already off the car
  11. hahah swee4t
  12. I'm supirsed you can actually do anything with those.
  13. pretty ghetto, but i'd sell em if i had em
  14. i dont know where the fuck id find anyone to buy em.
  15. I want that big ass tv.
  16. ha who did you rob

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