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Good strand for a painter?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jayjangle, May 5, 2011.

  1. So I am a watercolorist and an oil painter, and am looking for a strand that I could smoke that would influence my ability and direction in painting without 'wasting' me or completely wrecking my ability to paint. Basically, I want it to get me high enough to affect my creativeness and artistic vision without rendering me dumb.

    I have experimented with different strains and different amounts, but only once have I retained my ability to paint while high. I have been told that there are a few 'day time' strands that work really well with artists in certain amounts. Any ideas on what I could ask my dealer about?

    Particularly, I don't want to smoke more than a dub or a half dub at once.

    Thanks :)
  2. try a sativa
  3. I seem to find myself in a creative mind frame just after some Blue Dream.
    Have you ever tried The Blue Dream.

    no two colors that mix will make the primary color blue. But the blue mixes very well with the creative mind.

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  4. Is Blue Dream a relatively common strain?
  5. Here in So. Cal it is.
    I love it & am seeking out some BD clones now.

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  6. go to a dispensary, theres a sick one in San Ana
  7. hey blade! try checking out the medical marjiuana forums, if you cannot find your answer in the sticky that lists strains and their traits then post up a thread. the MMJ forums are well versed in specifics of strains. hope this helps and GL finding your desired bud!:smoke:
  8. It depends on where you live, if you live in Cali and can go to a dispensary and choose what you want, then yes Blue Dream would be a good option, but definitely not the only option. I recommend getting any type of Haze, or a Sativa dominant strain. Super Silver Haze is my favourite, but you can't go wrong with Jack Herer, Hempstar, Hawaiian Punch.
  9. As suggested, you want anything Sativa or a hybrid leaning Sativa. Run a search on "favorite Sativa strain" or something of the sort. My suggestion is Durban-Thai or Durban Poison if you can find it. Blue Dream is awesome. Casey Jones is another sure fire winner.
  10. try a nice trainwreck (JK) definitely a nice heady sativa is the way to go you can also try huffing the paint as well cause that gives me some good inspiration, that and watching Bob Ross as well!!!!

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