good strains for outdoor growing ?

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  1. hi GC anyone know any good strains to grow in the UK
    let me know
  2. Ill be honest with you mate, outdoor and uk doesnt go to well together. If you really know your stuff you might get an ok yield but id say your best bet is a small indoor personal grow.
  3. I would disagree. Actually there are many UK guerilla growers. You just need the right genetics and the knowledge (sunny spot)
    Female seeds purple maroc finishes mid Spet (average strength but big yield and quick finish). They have a semi auto too (early finish medium yield).

    I also grew paradise seeds sensi star strong indica beg oct finish very resistant plant. The bud is indica stone, very greasy. GHS white widow and trainwreck also finish beg oct.

    lowlife auto ak 47 in femmed too takes 16 weeks from start to finish. very nice sativa high.

    I'll try barney's farm LSD this year. Also the sweet tooth is reputed for outdoors.

    also look into dna genetics, reserva privada, serious seeds etc... for good companies. Also canadian genetics (semi autos) are good to finish early.
  4. Rain floods the soil to often and its rare to get more than 5 hours of sunlight a day, i was just suggesting that a small lst indoor grow would be better than relying on unlikely weather conditions.
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    ^^ you should try to garden outdoors before making this assumption^^

    lots of AWESOME grass gets grown outdoors in the UK, each year. not gonna go digging out the journals ..but there are plenty.

    I agree with Corto .. Purp. Maroc will do well ,same with Easy Sativa

    other strains you should have good results with, are Timewarp, and Early (BC) Blueberry , both by Next Generation Seeds. Vanilla Kush (Barneys Farm) does good outdoor with somewhat decent mold tolerance. And GC Members rave about PPP ( from Nirvana) usefulness outdoors.

  6. I got your point , just saying i personally know a uk grower who grows 30 kilos each year in the uk so it's totally doable you need the right strains and sunny spots etc

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