Good Strains for Alabama?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Xcuz, Jan 6, 2013.

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    I'm planning on doing a grow in April but I'm not completely sure what strain to use. I know that certain strains are good for certain climates. However I want a strain that's good for Alabama and I'm not sure what factors come into play when choosing a strain for my area. Please help me :bongin:
  2. Strains can help matters but cannabis is a weed and will grow with the right amount of TLC.
  3. look up beginner outdoor strains, theres a few that list strains that are the most hardy and resistant and just easy to grow. i found one with the "top 10" beginner outdoor strains that i used to choose. went with frisian dew they get huge and dont need much work. im in SC so i got the same kind of climate as you, if you got a good sunny spot they thrive in the south dude. had some badseed mids that i barely cared for grow like 4-5 feet tall with just the rainwater and the occasional nutes, so most quality seeds should do great.
  4. try not to pick anything stressing how good it is in colder weather or resistant too cold since itll be plenty hot enough for them all through the flowering

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