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Good Stash Places

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RedEyed-Punk, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Where do you hide your stash and whats the best stash place?, I like to use one of those big Carribean hermit shells and shove it up there.
  2. back when i was a weed stashin punk, i always threw my pipe and weed into a stuffed Coke bears ass... (i ripped a whole under his tail, so it would sit there and have the hole hidden under it...)

    otherwise i just kept stuff in the microwave i had in my room... it was a peice of shit so none of my family would ever use it over the one in the kitchen... and why would anybody ever look into my microwave?? plus it was smell/air/moisture proof to keep microwavity from giving me a second head.
  3. Book safe, shit like that.
  4. I used to have this root beer can that was perfectly weighted and everything to feel like a real soda can, but when you unscrewed the top you could hide shit in it....I realized it wasn't worth the effort, now i just throw everything in a drawer or wherever.
  5. Put your shit in a drawer under some clothes, and go out and buy a cheap sex toy and throw that on top. When your parents open the drawer and see that, i doubt they'll move it to keep digging through the rest of the drawer. ;)
  6. i put it in a box in my sock drawer...but i do have this wood polisher can or whatever, some cleaner or something...and thats its not really what it is...and the bottom comes off and you can put stuff int here...and i hsise used to dow that...and umm...its newyears! im really fucked uP!
  7. a good stash place if ya get searched on the street by old bill is down the back of ur trousers, or (if female) down ur bra.
    The shoe/sock is old fave too.
    I just keep my shit at home in a cardboard box in my room, or in my pocket. People have this strange notion of "respect for other's privacy" in my house, so my mum wld NEVER go down my drawers anyways.
  8. Mine is in a stash can, in a lunch box, in a shoe box at the bottom of my wardrobe, lol
  9. I actually lucked out. My bowl, a lighter, and a bottle of eyedrops all fit in an empty cig pack, so I just leave it in my drawer with a few others as decoys. :-D The buds go in a baggy in another empty pack, and I'm set.
  10. my pocket... and i pity the person who tries n take it :p

  11. ...lmfao!!...or you could hide your shit IN the sex toy?...

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