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good stash jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bombasspurps, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. as i was digging through my cupboards i found this mason jar the kind with the lever sealing. i was wondering if this would be good, or should i use one of the two part screw on lids? just wanna keep my bomb ass dank ass purp skurp fresh! thanks, and happy smoking!:smoke:

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  2. looks fine u want anairtight seal....

    if u have alot, "burp" it like twice a week to allow fresh air in...
  3. You won't notice any performance increase of one glass jar over another generally. As long as it's washed out properly most glass jars have a rubber seal on top and work equally well.
  4. also, go to walmart....they sell all types of cool jars for super cheap...

    or if u live somewhere with alot of headshops check out the jars there, they will be more expensive normally, i usually stick with walmart for this...
  5. Or the Container Store, if there's one close to you.

    There's so many different kinds of little stash jars it'll blow your face off.
  6. In a jar it should run out before you have to worry about it going bad....
  7. I keep my weed layed out on my dresser. Makes my room smell yummy
  8. thanks guys, didnt know if there was something different about these jars. and ill remember to giver a good belch if im not tokin for a while :D
  9. Wal-Mart is awesome for stash jars. Was able to pick up a set of sealed glass jars (small, med., large) for like 12 bucks. Definitely worth it, and they work just as good as those decorated jars you can buy at headshops for three times the price.
  10. make sure you clean it out really well. just use water and make sure you dry it well. the jars really contain a lot of the smell.
  11. my experience with the lever jars is that eventually the mechanism that keeps it shut will break or warp a bit and no longer maintain a good seal.
    Should last several months of use though.

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