Good songs to trip to?

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  1. I'm tripping on shrooms for the first time tomorrow, and I'm wondering what you guys listen to when tripping. Preferably some nice relaxing stuff. :p
  2. Any jam by the dead or floyd. Really anything you're in the mood for.
  3. Amethystium's Emblem (Selected Pieces) album. It is incredible.
  4. wrong forum

    and see what's up with Tool
  5. almost anything....jam bands a lot of fun so is classical music like big orcestras doing like really dramatic music and gets SO epic its so much fun
  6. The whole album

  7. ummm..........techno.
  8. Any good techno is great while tripping, and get some cool lights to wave around.

  9. qft :)
  10. ANYTHING by Radiohead. Some of the best stuff ever when your tripping
  11. 311, stone temple pilots, coheed and cambria, incubus some of my favorites
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    Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon

    listen to the entire album, it isn't too long

    "The Dark Side of the Moon explores the nature of the human experience and according to Waters, "empathy". For example: "Speak to Me / Breathe" is about birth and being a child with new earthly experiences; "Time" deals with growing older and the overwhelmingly fast approach of death - youth being gone before one even realizes it; "The Great Gig in the Sky" explores thoughts of religion and death; "Money" mocks greed and consumerism, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and wealth-related sound effects; "Us and Them" addresses ethnocentrism, conflict and the belief that a person's self is "always in the right"; "Brain Damage" looks at mental illness and whether "insanity" is only relative, and growing too old to be who one once was; and "Eclipse" ends the album with a grand statement about free will and causality."

    if i was told that i could only trip one more time in my life, this is what i would listen to
  13. The first gravediggaz cd.

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