good song from the 90's

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  1. who else likes it ? im in love with this song for some reason and i dont really like this type of rap anymore

    [ame=]YouTube - Spice 1 - Peace To My Nine[/ame]
  2. It's like root beer one of a kind
    Spice 1 is up in the house with the *****ta-*****ta-nine
    And the clip and the trigga
    Mutha fuckas try ta play me yet they callin' me they *****
    Should i get the a.k. and jump like jack
    Or should i just reanimate the mutha fuckin' fac
    My name is spice 1, but i be comin' like i'm 2
    Or maybe 3 or 4 or just a mutha fuckin' crew
    Late night see a drive-by drop impala
    The *****z took cover and the bitches all holla

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