Good Smelling Room Fresheners

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  1. Anyone know of any other things like incense and candles that smell really good? My girlfriend gets head aches from incense's and i always fall asleep with the candles burning and almost caught my room on fire. But i still want my place to smell good.
  2. My Glade Plug-In always serves me justice.
  3. The things with the colorful liquid and the twenty sticks protruding from it works really well.

    At work we use there glade things that work awesome too.
  4. i really love febreeze air effects. my favorite is the thai dragonfruit. i also loved brazillian carnival scent but i don't think they make it anymore. i tend to like fruity smells but they have a wide variety. glade makes a good air effect type. its not like regular glade air looks like the febreeze air effects bottle.
  5. Dollar cans of air wyck.. I go through like 5 weekly lmao. I'm just a very preventive careful person when it comes to this.. I love blazin too much to have to give it up due to family/wife suspicion..

  6. try burning oils they smell up a room real good.
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    I'll second this. They have a lot of really good scents and they last a good while. Plus they have a ton of burner things to choose from.
  8. [​IMG]

    Broomstick made of cinnamon! They look kinda neat, and they last for a decently long. And you never have to worry about spraying anything, it's a pretty strong odor too.

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