Good Shroom Species for Beginner Growers?

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    A buddy and I are looking to grow shrooms. We're brand new to it, and we don't know which species we should invest in. I looked into, but I dont feel like introducing myself there and I don't wanna join another forum anyway. But what should I get out of what this site has for a beginner grow?

    Thanks GC.

  2. Golden Teachers are perfect for the fledgling mycologist. They are pretty true to their name. :p
  3. You want Psilocybe cubensis, a syringe preferably. Any strain will do, they are all basically the same with the exception of Penis Envy, which can be more potent and has a distinctive look (a cock)
  4. ralph provides info and descriptions for all his strains dude, do alittle research for christs sake, you won't get far to with your grow if you dont dig right in.

    I'm growing costa ricans from ralph right now which he discontinued. I see slot of people a b+,...golden teachers.

    I personally read descriptions and base my choice on pictures and journals of other peoples grow
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    psilocybe cubensis are what i was recommended by bigorange2. if you want to try an outdoor grow find a species that grows wildy in your area

    420th post :]
  6. Yeah, I wish I could find them here, but its just WAY too dry in texas, only mushroom that grows here is this brown looking thing that has a shitload of spores covering it, very poisonous.
  7. Everyone keeps saying to grow cubes, but that's a given. A beginner would be crazy to start off any species besides cubes, because they take a lot more skill and technique to grow. Cubensis pretty much grow themselves with minimal effort, and are far more forgiving of mistakes.

    The OP said species, but I'm pretty sure he meant strain.
  8. Yeah, I meant strain. Not too good with the terms to use :p Just a newbie to all this.

    And I've got the order ready to send in the mail in the morning. My buddy and I will hopefully be growing in no time :p Thanks for the help all.
  9. I did Ecuador for my 1st grow. It was kind of slow, but it did give me a good understanding of the mushroom life cycle. I think in general any cubensis should be good.
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    Haha, yeah, I wish that were true.

    In the place we live, its dry 98% of the time, no humidity, cold as hell during the winter, no rain. Not very possible for these shrooms to grow wildly, here anyway.

    Plus, I still don't know enough to go shrooming. Gotta know that shit before you go picking up random ones, some look exactly alike, which I'm sure you know :p
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    i thought this was good help :\

    this is texas in general, may not be your area. move down south in texas for the cubes and up north in texas for anything else........ it's true you just have to know where to search
  12. potency,....colonization time...size/ amounts of fruits are traits you may want to look for in descriptions of strains

  13. This is west tx, it's very arid, and there's very little time that shrooms could grow. I know they must, but there's still nowhere to go shrooming anyway.

    (I know adam)
  14. My first grow this week is going to be orissa india, ihope i can do it correctly.:smoking:
  15. B+ are the most overall most easy to grow and still good quality i believe

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