Good seed distributor ships to canada?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by tapasr_56b1af8a71385, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Looking for a good rep and quality service seed distributor with good prices ?

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  2. Google is your friend to find many. cks is good too me

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  3. Peakseedsbc, Vancouver seed bank, hemp depot.
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  4. Gorilla seeds is the only seedbank i use these days. Never had any issues thus far, knock on wood lol.

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  5. I have had no problems ordering from Seedsman or Attitude Seed banks. Done tons of orders only problem i had was with bcbuddepot or whatever they are called.
  6. Thanks,

    In 2015 I think I only got one call about a Canada customer not getting seeds. So you should be good to go in Canada! I would still opt for stealth ( who ever you go with) as there is always a risk and we do reship once for free with our stealth Guarantee :0)

    Wish you good luck and grow blessing whom ever you decide to order from,

    Gavin :0D
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  7. PeakseedsBC is the way to go.

    Top quality genetics, direct from the breeder, no retailer markups. No paying for fancy packaging or advertisements.
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  8. I love herbies, free seeds every time to try new strains

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  9. Honestly just got an order in for true north Seedbank in t.o. Shipped to northern ab no problem. At first I was pissed, I paid quite a sum for 5 conneiuser cookies seeds, that turned out to be out of stock. Got in touch via phone, and they ended up getting them, and threw in a 5 pack of premium feminized ogx cookies for the trouble. I don't work there, or have any affiliation with them, but I feel they went above and beyond on the customer service so I'll definitely be dealing with them again

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  10. Crop king seeds based in canada so no customs theyre a bit expensive though
  11. I ordered once from GTA seedbank in Toronto. Order came quicly with seeds in original manufacturers packaging.
  12. I order from herbies, they send in original package or descreet packaging and give freebies, some of the most fun strains I've grown were free seeds that never really had a big name but were great, I would have never tried if it wasn't for that...

    But I am looking for a Canadian based company without redic prices....

    nonfiction's multi-strain grow
  13. Herbies dude,
  14. PeakSeedsBC

    Seen a few good reviews. Haven't ordered yet though.
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  15. Yes great breeder I got 10 kushberry and 10 skunk berry all germinated and popped within 48 hours new record for me
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  16. Awesome! I'll be putting in an order soon.
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