Good Rpg For Pc?

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    I'm a big fan of FF7, FF8, and 9.  10 was ok and 12 was pretty cool.
    Probably not a big selection of PC rpg's worth playing but if anyone knows let me know.  Away from home for a while so don't have my PS3 with me.
    On a bright note, played a ton of games on PC like Crysis 3, Resident evil revelations+5+ 6, Deadspace 1+2+3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider 2013 in like the last 3 months lol.  Bout to play Far Cry 3 but looking for an RPG.

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    Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 are flawless classics
    Dark Souls (Very difficult, very very rewarding gameplay)
    Dust an Elysian tale (15 bucks cheap on steam rather short will beat within a few days)
    Guild Wars (MMORPG)
    Far Cry 3? I wouldn't waste your time. skyrim, fallout, far cry, its all the same thing with, or without guns.
    I'd suggest getting KOTOR either 1 or both to hold you over and then just waiting until STEAM has its summer game sale with ridiculously cheap games where you would likely be able to scoop up a ton of great RPG games for relatively no money at all.
  3. ^^All good recommendations, Demon's souls/Dark souls is one of my favorite rpgs of all time.
    Also check out Dragon age for PC, really good game deep story, character interactions are really good, gameplays nice.
  4. Very cool thanks for the recommendations.
    KOTOR and Dark Souls got my attention.
    Especially Dark Souls.  Saw a gameplay vid, looks dark and a bit scary which is my type of game.  Definitely seems hard though.
    Shame about FC3, I think I'll play it and see how I like it anyways.  I hated Fall Out 3 and Skyrim.  Skyrim I would travel around so far and get all this stuff only to fall off something and die.  Then have wasted like 2 hours of fucking game time.
    Dragon Age looks pretty damn cool too.
  5. Oregon Trail
  6. Hahahahaha oregon trail. now thats a classic.
  7. guild wars 2.
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    Torchlight is fun (I've only played the second one), and Legend of Grimrock was a blast.
    Yea... gotta save frequently in Bethesda's games. :)
  9. Be weary of buying Dragon Age.  I played this game on xbox 360, honestly one of the single worst games I have ever played  Didn't even get out of the first level/section of the game.  Only time ive spent 6 dollars on something and felt like I got completely ripped off.  The game is slower than aids and the combat system is non existant .  It will be 10 minutes of you realizing what a terrible purchase you made.
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    Well you are right that it was a slower paced game but it was designed to be and if you bought it thinking otherwise you didn't read much into it :) It's a Role Playing Game, not an ARPG (Action role playing game) so yes it is slower than an action game......The OP is looking for RPG's this was a fantastic one with an enticing story line, entertaining characters (The conversations you have and choices you make with each character affects the character and its satisfying), fun combat (If you like RPG style slower paced combat)

    Not able to speak for the console versions but the PC version was fantastic I clocked 120 hours into it. Regardless there are many good options in the RPG world, slow paced, fast paced or how ever you like it.
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    It wasn't just the pace. Though that was a large factor.  The starting world was so strict and had tons of invisible walls.  The game had atleast an hour of dialoge in the first level/stage and i could hardly kill anything I just had to rely on the friends / buddies you meet in the first stage to do all the damage for me as I ran around the enemy trying to kill me.   Like the wolf or the bear or whatever the fuck it was I cant remember at this point lol.

    This is a video of the first stage I played before i stopped of boredom.
    As i stated, so many invisible walls lacking any type of freedom
    dreadfully slow gameplay 
    too much dialogue from the start
    makes for a bad game imo.  
    if you like it thats cool, somebody has to, i just think the average game player would definitely not enjoy this game.
    And yet Final fantasy captures all of these features into its series, and still comes out with great games.
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    Dragon Age Origins is such a good game, definitely one of my favorite RPGs.. I love conversation heavy RPGs, and you shouldn't of picked that origin, it is kinda boring. I really enjoyed the Dwarf Noble origin, it was so cool.
  13. @Willie, not sure if replying to me but i did not make or host that video, just a video i picked to show the first stage that I stopped playing after i beat.  
    I forget what type of character I made too, but yeah, the game has good reviews online and ppl here say they like it, but idk, the game is way too slow for me. 
  14. Dragon Age: Origins is actually a fantastic RPG. Takes a lot of skill and wits to pull through tough fights. Its kinda more like a strategy RPG.
  15. Anything from the Fallout series :D
  16. Yeah man you should try Dragon Age, it's the bomb. They're coming out with Dragon Age Inquisition too.
  17. Dark Souls! DARK SOULS! 
    Just Play it! The game is awesome, completely deserves it's cult following.
    Just be prepared to die. And suffer the consequences of dying.
  18. Morrowind (a bit dated but its an amazing game) and of course the oblivion and skyrim.

    Fable the lost chapters (don't bother with fable 2 and 3)

    Star wars knights of the old republic 1 & 2. (Really good)

    Kingdoms of amalur reckoning (not sure if its on PC)

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    Fable 2 is a really good game man idk what you are on
  20. You should definitely try out KOTOR . A bit old but it has an amazing story and you really get immersed in the game. Other than that you could play the Fallout series.

    & yeah I agree.. Fable 2 was an amazing game. :D

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