Good roor bong?

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  2. 3.2 mm is really thin. you could get a great bong the same price as that without the roor name
  3. [quote name='"hotdog32836"']3.2 mm is really thin. you could get a great bong the same price as that without the roor name[/quote]

    Would you recommend me one?

  4. Personally the best advice I could give someone is to go on aqua lab technologies com. All the pieces there are high quality and they have some around the $100 range
  5. [quote name='"Scar 420"']Is this a good roor bong?

    If you know of a better one around the same price please tell me[/quote]

    Bro your payin 100 bucks to smoke a brand name glass. Personally I could walk down to my lhs and get a decent gog bong that's nice and thick glass that's blown locally.i use the gc store for slides and bowls not for brand name glass(for what I said I like local blown glass not brand name choosing a bong is personal preference . Hope this helped :bongin:
  6. honestly dude you should just go to your local smoke shop and get a nice Biohazard piece, theyre reasonably priced and hit like a beast plus youll get to smoke out of it right after your transaction! :D
  7. The one in that link looks like a clone of my Lux and I LOVE it. I'd say go for it.
  8. ew that roor would not hit that good compared to other bongs. its downstem is just a hole... youd have to upgrade to like an alex k at least. but never get 3.2mm glass haha, way too easy to break like knocking it on the sink when filling it with water
  9. Hvy syn and apix are repuatible and cheaper glass... For the love of god dont buy weedstar

  10. i absolutely love my HVY Glass piece.
    never looked back
  11. HVY Glass!!! I have 3 pieces and they aren't always treated kindly(clumsy friends), not a chip one!!!!! Best for the money . HVY Glass!!!

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