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  1. I live in the U.S. and was wondering if anyone knew any sites that ship's here.Looking for good quality seeds.Any help would be great.Thanks
  2. Doc Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana's Seed Boutique. Check the link in my sig on one person's experience (mine) buying from both of them.
  3. love the doc (3 times) and got my beans promptly (2X) at gypsy nirvana too.

    the only thing wrong with the two sites is that they don't carry alot of the strains i'm most interested in like burmese, C99 & love potion #1, but the service for what they do sell is fine.
  4. I just got my 3rd package (out of 3 orders) from Nirvana seed bank in the mail today. Nirvana is the only place i've ordered from, and had fantastic results.

    ps- i'm in the US too.
  5. Go through gypsy if you must buy nirvana seeds.DO NOT use Its One thing to not recive your beans its another all together to not reply,not contact, not respond to questions.Makes alot of sense to have support tickets if you dont respond to them.Man where has the honor gone?It's a shame more people dont speak up about the trash out I said its 1 thing to not recieve your order another to deal with aholes.If anyone is considering useing them I can email you a copy of the invoice,the 3 support tickets that went unanswerd the 3 emails sent to adim that went unanswerd.oh and Ill through in my nirvana grow diary.goes something like this

    day 1: place order
    day2-30: wait for beans
    day 30-40: be stressed that the aholes that have no prob spending your cash cant take 2 sec to respond to you.
    day40-50: bite tounge and wait
    day 50-rest of life: try to stop people from suffering same fate.
    Below I have included pictures of these fine plants that came from nirvana,just look at um:hello:

    do as much research as you can about seedbanks try to be in contact before you order, if they cant respond to you then they sure as shit wont after they have your cash. gl guys

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