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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheHappyHerbMan, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hi guys I am looking into getting a desk vaporizer. I am after something that I good quality and reliable. And produces good vapour. Money isn't a huge issue but I don't want to go top of the range just yet like a volcano or something. I have had a few portables but I want something I can leave on my coffee table

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  2. Here is what I consider some good options for desk vapes, all in the $150 - $230 range.
    Arizer Extreme Q - You can find it between $160 - $200 depending where you get it, but versatile desk vape that can do bags, and whips, although there are more parts on this that could break and it doesn't have a very clear air path as it goes through the whole unit, but having said that, two of my friends have had this vape for a couple years with no issue.
    Vaporbrothers - About $150 Whip style box vape, has been  my daily vape for a few years with no issues...Again not a super clear air path and whip style only...Another slight disadvantage is the angle of the heating element but I haven't had issues with the unit.
    Da Buddah - Runs about $180 and is a whip style vape. Clearer air path and produces nice thick vapor hits, definitely a solid unit...I have only used one a few times though so can't speak much to it.
    SSV - Have been told by anyone who uses this it is a very solid whip style vape...Slightly pricer than Buddah but made by the same company (7th Floor)
    Obviously, there are MANY more options, if you would like you can check fuckcombustion for threads on many other vapes but I hope this helps!
  3. I'll second Da Buddha! That's what I use daily; it's great. The Silver Surfer is essentially the same thing, but a bit fancier. If you have the extra money, I'd say SSV, but the DBV will serve you just as well. 
    I've never used the Arizer vape mentioned above, but I see them recommended a lot. So if you want bags, that'd probably be one of my top choices. 
  4. Just bought the SSV and it is freaking epic
  5. Ssv is definately the way to go. Very durable and sturdy. Plus, 7th floor offers tons of attachments ans accesories foe the surfer, its a little pricy but its definately worth it

  6. Also the ssv joint is angled so your ingredients dont fall down into the ceramic heating element. The buddha is. Completely horizontal but just stack a book under it and its basically a surfer

  7. Let me tell you this if your thinking extreme q or ssv or dbv or something along those lines I personally have an ssv and I bought it a couple months after a friend of mine got an extreme q. All of my friends used the extreme q for awhile but after i got the ssv we used both and compared them, shortly after the extreme q never came out of the closet again haha.
    And also if I was to go back and look at buying a vape again I would probably get da buddah vape, the ssv is great and all but for the extra money you spend on it you just dont get a ton extra (better heating element angle, smaller intake hole for fatter hits) and also more customizability which is cool. You can make you ssv look absolutely epic if you have the money to spend on it with all the custom glass parts.
  8. No regrets with the ssv
  9. Looking into Da Buddha myself. How is the smell with Da Buddha? I'm in a non-smoking apartment and would like to feel confident that the neighbors won't smell anything even if I dont air the place out.
  10. Can't be totally confident there will be no smell, but make sure you have a window and a fan to get some air circulation, and maybe use a sploof and you will be fine.
  11. Doesn't smell much but the room you vape in will reek for a but. It doesn't spread throughout a house tho

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