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  1. Right now I have a EZ vape and it works pretty good now that I figured out the temp but I'm wonder what a good portable vape is. I don't want to spend a really lot but don't have a specific price range cause I do want something good.
  2. check out the arizer solo and maybe pax by ploom

  3. I like the Solo because it works on convection. I don't like the PAX because it works on conduction. Both very popular vapes though.
  4. +1 for the solo
  5. ive tried the vaporstar, vapor genie, iolite (both old and new wispr) and the mflb.
    for me its mflb hands down!

  6. i know, but i still love my pax regardless. get quite lifted off of it. It may be out of his price range though...

  7. You're not alone. Lots of people do.
  8. Pax is a bitch to keep clean... Solo is maintence free...

  9. I own a Vapir NO2 and I'm happy with it. I don't have much experience with high quality vapes, which is why I like my NO2. It's very simple to use and can be plugged in while in use so you don't have to worry about the battery. I got mine for like $100. If you're budget goes up to like $150 or so, I'd recommend the Arizer Solo because I hear so many good things about it.

  10. Agreed that convection is way better but the PAX is just gorgeous.
  11. I really like my pax, hits are awesome but definitely doesn't conserve. The one thing that turned me off on the solo are the glass stems, in my mind that hurts its portability.
  12. i just bought a mflb after much hesitation and speculation, and i can honestly say it is the best purchase that i have ever made
  13. pax is all i use, pretty good stuff..!!
  14. Pax hand down better than any other portable vape
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    Statements like these, just leaves me shaking my head.

    Ok, Payne, let me ask you this. What makes the Pax better than the Solo when you take into consideration that the Solo works on convection, and doesn't constantly cook your herb like the Pax does with it's conduction design. What makes the Pax better than the very clean tasting all glass vapor path of the Solo. Etc other words, please explain why you think the Pax is the best portable on market?

    If someone want the stealthiest vape, than the MFLB takes the crown on that one. No way that the Pax is as stealthy.

    While for many, and for YOU, the Pax is better than any other portable, for some who take into consideration what I mentioned is NOT better than any other portable.

    Blanket statements that ANY vape, be it the Volcano, the LSV, the Pax, the Solo, etc etc is the best vape on the market for everyone bullshit.
  16. Solo beats it hands down in every way except stealth...

  17. IMO it's best because its stealthy but yes it's not as stealthy as the MFLB but it gets you more cooked and personally I didn't like the solo that much besides vapor bonging
  18. no vapor quality is about the same.the only bad thing I would have to say about it is you have to clean it often
  19. Well, I wouldn't consider them vaporizers if they didn't vape, so that is correct, but moot...

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Pax. It's a stealthy one piece vape that's extremely simply to use. I think because it's one piece, it beats the MFLB... fiddling with a trench and a battery is not stealthy, IMHO...

    But if you're going to be smoking a lot in one place, stealth usually isn't an issue. I really like the clean taste of vaping thru the Solo's glass stems and if you're with friends, the Solo will go for hours on a full charge. It's almost a shame the Solo is thought of as a portable vape. I have an SSV and a KIA vape and I never use them anymore. Since using the Solo, I can't be bothered to smoke in just one place anymore tied to a whip, like a dog on a chain... but at the sametime, I can't be bothered to break out the ISO and pipe cleaner every couple grams. That shit is annoying. You could probably go years without having to clean the Solo.

  20. Cloud pen


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