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Good places to toke in San Diego

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WinIcarus, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hey all!

    There are at least a few people here from San Diego. I've been here a while, and just wondering where everyones favorite toking spots are around the county. Balboa is always a nice spot (in the park, not the museum areas), and there are some pretty badass places in the east county where the stars are awesome to look at. Most of the beaches are pretty herb friendly, especially the southern ones like OB and IB (at least at night), and Mt. Soledad is nice, if you can avoid the many people there.

    Anyone got other ones which are beautiful and safe to toke in?

  2. dude are u a fucking cop or what??
  3. Coronado is a gorgeous place to toke. Go onto one of the beaches, check out the hot ass tan chicks, and toke till you choke.
  4. Why would he be? I've seen 'worser' threads than this on here indicating someone's likelyhood of being a pig.
  5. The San Diego Wild Animal Park is a great place to get blazed :D
  6. Mount Helix is a pretty good spot to light it up
  7. I always toke it at the rest stops near the freeway on my way to Tijuana.
  8. I'd rather smoke on the freeway than on one of our rest stops johnny.

    I don't know if you're aware, but san diego rest stops are infamously known for backseat homosexual fuckyfucky. so much so to the point that police have conducted raids to clear them out. DEFINITELY not chill to see when you're just innocently looking into an adjacent car at some rest stop.

    just keep driving.

    but uh, only spots I've smoked actually in San Diego were in the parking lot of the Kaiser hospital by the stadium, while waiting for a family member... and several cocert venues.

    I cruise north county - definitely avoid the beaches. I've had good luck with cops, but there's too many of them down there to count on sneakyness. I used to smoke in industrials, until that flopped.

    I don't really bother finding spots to park and smoke anymore. Its much more comfortable in somebody's house.
  9. ^^^^ Hahahahaha

    (sorry for the pointless was hilarious at the time..:smoking:)
  10. Haha ive only been there during the day and most of the times i was there, there wasnt many people in sight. but thanks for the heads up.
  11. let me just describe all of my lope spots over the internet.... not

  12. ehh, i blaze along the sunset cliffs all the time. not gunna tell u exactly where, you have to figure it out. you could burn a j anywhere in ob or cliffs. no one cares. do not go in parking lots, cops cruise in them all the time. the best is just drive around, stop in an alley, hit a bowl, then move to another alley. perf.
  13. backseat homosexual fuckyfucky

    that might have just been the 3 funniest words i've ever heard

    i cant even laugh im in awe

    fuckyfucky..... wow


    my life is complete :hello:
  14. This thread's pretty sketch.

  15. I agree.
  16. Come on now, you guys are bein pretty paranoid.
  17. Seriously, you guys think cops dont already know where people go to smoke?? For the most part cops arnt worried about some petty personal user... the paperwork is just to much to go busting personal users all the time

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