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Good place to hide my stash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. My roommate said he'd rat on me if he knew I had weed. Aside from not letting him find out, where can I hide my stash in my dorm?

    Anything I own can't be searched, right? Like a backpack or something?
  2. Whoop that trick.
  3. Legally, I think the only people who can search your stuff are cops.
    Hm well you could always hide it in a pair of socks or something. I keep mine in a small zipper bag (along with a piece, 2 lighters, zig zags, and a sneak a toke) in my bed frame. The only way anyone could find it would be if they were really looking for it. Anyways, just look around your room and I bet you'll discover a sweet stash spot. Good luck!
  4. if you have a desktop computer pull off the side panel and put it in there, thats what i do.
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    Keep it in a bookbag all the time and if he goes through it then press charges. This will also make sure that you don't have to wait until he is away to take your stash out, you can just grab the bookbag and walk out.
  6. I keep my stuff inside my old ps2 and my alarm clock
  7. Old printer
  8. Stuff it in a sock in your sock drawer. Just keep it stashed somewhere in the room that's designated as "your property". That way if he finds it then you can't be charged for it (I would hope so/imagine. Some campuses tend to be dicks about drugs and bend the law so they can bust more people).

    Probably a better course of action: Ask your roommate why he hates cannabis so much. Ask him why your personal life is such a big deal to him and why he feels it necessary to ruin your life if given the opportunity. Obviously don't word it like that but that's essentially what he's doing.
  9. I've always kept mine in a thing of wooden fake books. Inconspicuous. Never had a problem.
  10. get yourself a mini safe, your douchebag roomate wont be able to get in so therefore he cant see whats in it
  11. Make a line down the middle split the room and don't let the roommate cross the line.
    Down your thing he or she does theirs.
  12. I wouldn't use a backpack, that's a known place to hide your possession. Keep it in an old pair of sneaks at the foot, and make sure the smell doesn't creep out. You should be fine, there's a million places to hide a stash unless you're holding more than a couple O's which wouldn't be smart in the first place.
  13. [quote name='"mojo1so1dope"']I keep my stuff inside my old ps2 and my alarm clock[/quote]

    That's what I do too the only problem is that you can't fit a pipe or any dank tanks only baggies
  14. Just buy a lock box Me and my roommate split the cost of small safe to keep in our dorm and then just put a towel over it and put stuff on top and it looks like a small table
  15. Dam hes fucking harsh all my bud is just where ever i put its awesome to have parents that smoke with you. But put it in a box or something that your roomate would never go through
  16. Put it in the frame of your bed. Like the wooden part underneath. Fuck, what's it called?
  17. I should explain. He's here on a wrestling scholarship, so if he gets caught with it, he has no money. But seriously, as long as I do stupid shit, I'll be fine. He assumes I'm some kind of fuckwit. But he won't hesitate to throw me under the bus to not get in trouble.

    I was thinking since our heater opens up, I could hide it there. But, it might melt the plastic, or radiate the smell through the room.

    And to the guy who said kick his ass, there's no way I could. He's 6'1 and 250 lbs, and like I said, a wrestler. I'm 5'10 and 200 pounds of weak fatness.
  18. Make a small slit under your mattress and stuff your shi* up there.
  19. Damn that sucks, I couldn't tell you where to hide it cause I don't know what your rooms like but I'd say just invest in a safe and tell your room-mate to fuck off.

  20. Boxspring

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