Good place to buy clothes/hoodies?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazemore, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Im looking to spend some money online or in the store, I'm looking for t shirts, hoodies and jeans. Anyone know where I can get these on the cheap side and if not cheap atleast high quality and wont wear out. Thanks!
  2. the salvation army. cheap and high quality. those clothes have been through year long meth binges and ended up good enough to be placed on the racks of such a fine establishment.

    but seriously it depends on your style. a plain hanes t is good enough for me. some levi's, and a nice pair of shoes. what else do you really need.... oh yeah, i good hat to match the shoes.
  3. Legend...:hello:
  4. Idk if they're nation-wide, but check out H&M. A popular store amongst gay people, but there's some good deals in that place for straight people as well. I don't shop much, but a friend of mine gets all of his clothes there, and for a good price

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