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  1. Hi there I'm a new grower and have just bought my self ph tester but am finding it hard to find the correct ph levels for my plant it's a great White shark about 14 weeks in veg now (having to LST her) does any one no what sort of levels i should be trying to achieve please?
  2. 5.5 to 6.
  3. Calibrate your tester btw.
  4. Yeah will do it came with buffer solution. Presumably once I have buffered it it should be reading 0 right?
  5. what? can you elaborate more?
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    Yes of coarse. Apparently before using my ph meter it has to be buffered with buffeting solution. I can only assume that during the ph testers life on the shelf and In different atmospheres it picks up dust and all kinds of other shit that would affect your ph read out. So I have two pots of solution that came with the tester.
    one being an acid and the other an alkali, which solution you use depends on your read out when switching the meter anything over 5 would need an alkali anything under 5 needs an acid buffer Thats what I make of it any way.

    So for example let's say for argument sake that 10 was the most acidic you could get and 0 the most alkali you could get.
    You turn on the meter before it is buffered an it reads 8 presumably you would then dip it in the alkali solution to bring the ph down.

    From what I have been reading so far I think this is how It works, but would greatly appreciate it if somebody knows better if they could help me out a little.

    What should my meter be reading at once it is buffered and how do I calibrate I know I have a tiny screw driver to do it but what is the purpose of this how will I know if I am doing it right?

    Cheers G.C
  7. gimme the model number off your meter...

    Ill try to find you the instructions... but im fairly confident your looking for 7 and 4...

    I didn't really follow what you were saying earlier... but instructions will really spell it out
  8. Ok that's great thank you will have to wait until I am back home for make and model. Thanks for assistance it's much appreciated.
  9. I think you're mixing up your terminology. What you want to do is calibrate your device. It should come with the two solutions you described. If one solution is 7, and the other is 4, then that's what you use to set your meter to. Those are your baseline settings. Dud it come with instructions?
  10. Hey yeah got it all figured out now but thanks. Yeah I really didn't have a clue what I was meant to be doing. God bless YouTube lol

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