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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please move or tell me to repost it in the right place if it isn't.

    My previous pair of headphones broke and I need a new pair. I've always spent around £15 on headphones and have always been satisfied but never wowed by each pair I've gotten. However I've decided to spend a bit more to get a much better pair of headphones this time. I'm prepared to pay up to £50 if they're really good, but no more than that. Ideally i'd love to pay below £30, but if it is really worth it shelling out more then i'm prepared to do so. Though I will not pay more than £50.

    A pair that I've been looking at is the Sony MDR-EX500LP, which cost £45.99.

    If you could give me a hand in finding a good pair to buy it would be very appreciated. If it helps I will be listening to mainly DnB/house/trance/dubstep so nice powerful bass (but not overpowering) is a must. Cheers.
  2. skull candy ear bud, give them a try, you can normally return them too, they have a pretty strong bass but not too strong and the rest you can hear clearyly
  3. This. Although skull candy earphones aren't meant to have forever. They work for about 4 months (most I've seen is 9). They are $16, and great. I usually just return them when they break, get a refund and buy another pair. Can't find any better cheap ones.
  4. the optional £5 a month and you can send off for a new pair, no problems, lol, or if you really kick up a fuss they will give you an upgrade :p

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