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Good outside growing plants? Any suggestions

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by DevilRed, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Besides white widow (what ive got growing now) anyone have any experience (good) with any plants outside in a bit cooler region. Im in Michigan. Last frost usually mid May. Long growing season until about mid October. Looking at buying some seeds and want to get a good hardy, producing strain.

    Ive done reading at the seedbanks but some say one thing, others say the opposite about the same plant.

    I was thinking northern lights and some skunk
  2. Nl is a good all round easy to grow plant but you might want to get some sativa or sativa mixes in. Powerplant is a good yeilding and potent sativa strain and you have to love purple,blue, and white strains.

    Im going to buy 5 starins for next years grow and even make some croses in a breeding box i made. Thatway i can have a wide variety of buds and plants and just clone the good strains and breed them. My advice is just go wild with as many strains as possible.
  3. nice early finisher is early girl but the thc is a bit low. early bud is an improved type.

    hollands hope is ment to b a good outdoor strain but i dont have hands on experance of this type. it has bin used in quite a few crosses tho so it must have something gud about it.
  4. Woody, how do you think Power Plant would do outdoors? I plan on buying my seeds from http://www.ukseedsupplies.com/ , is this the same seed source as where you get your clones?
  5. PP is slow outside. i would stay away. ive tried it and havnt had much success

    anything purple seems to do very well outside.

    look for quick times, early girl and top 44 are some of the old standards. i think im gonna try holland's hope next year.

    i have had mango outside the last 2 years and have been completely happy with it also. JUICY THICKNESS

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