Good out of the bag soil?

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  1. I think I'll use Happy Frog, and add 1 cup (literally a red solo cup filled to the rim) of perlite to each 7 gallon pot.

    Option 2 is FFOF cut with Light warrior. For every bag of FFOF, I mix in 2 bags of Light Warrior.

    I need the best "out of the bag" option. No nutrients this year. And I don't have the space or money to mix my own soil. And well... It'd be a pain in the ass to track down all the ingredients for super soil.
    I was considering just using Formula 707 from RO. Save money on pots, but I want to grow 24 plants and 24 bags of it is going to run me $800.
    That's well outside my budget lol.
    Any suggestions?

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    check the organic soil may be able to modify one mix to meet your needs of just water and no nutes (a molasses option?)
  3. I'm actually thinking if I go with a less mainstream soil (by mainstream I mean Fox Farm, Roots Organics, etc) I can get more for less, and a few amendments.
    Pro-Mix with some lime and epson salts.
    And I may use AN's outdoor products.
    actually...I was meaning there are several organic threads to mix your own from scratch. Good recipes, end result is a growing medium you only need to water, no nutes need be added during grows.
    I made some for under 100 bucks total and have some raw 'parts' left over to use in the next batch (if ever made, been 2 years). Filled up 5x 5gallon smartpots, less then 100 bucks and have spare parts to make more later.
  5. Look up Jerry on the threads. Dude is an organic champ. And you already have the means and room to mix some soil. You eat fruits and vegetables at home don't cha? Make a small compost inside. Mixed with dirt and properly ventilated it won't stink or attract bugs.
  6. I'm sorry, but you're a grower?????
    or are you just repeating shit ?
    I'm not the owner of the house I live in. I have rules to follow. I can't even have soil here, or anything that makes it look like I grow ANY kind of plant. Therefore I can't make compost lol. There are 3 kids under the age of 12 who basically control the whole house (including the basement where I sleep). During the day my room is their play room. I can't keep anything here.

    I need a good "out of the bag" soil that I can order and just keep in the box that they ship it in until I need to move it to where I'm growing.
  8. Gotcha.....
    Yeah that sucks ass dude. Not sure if what you want exists in this universe. It's a lot of risk for inferior buds or plants that'll just die. Plants need nutes. Bagged dirt ain't gonna be enough from what I've read. Sorry...still, look up Jerry. He'll be the guy to give a definitive answer.
    Here's his profile
    Ask him on a live thread by going to his posts, then quote him. If he asks you to PM him then do it that way. But he knows dirt.
  9. What I can do is buy a couple of big tupperware containers. I can pick up a kiddie pool for like $8 at the store and just rinse it off outside once I'm done using it for mixing.

    I'll just have to order everything and leave it in the boxes until the kids leave for school. I can mix it and store it in the tupperware tubs until May. Plus they have handles so it'll be easy to load them into the car and drive it out to the spot.

    I can make super soil, that way I just have to add water twice a week.
    As far as threats go, the only real ones are thieves and law enforcement. Animals won't be an issue, cause I'll be using portable green houses. Pests may occur though, fungus gnats, etc. So I'll make sure I'm prepared for that.
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