Good Organics with No Space -- Micro Grow Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by cRACKm0NKEY, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I have a small apartment with a little corner of my closet designated as my only grow space. First grow in a very long time, and I had trouble at first. After some research, I decided to go organic from then on.

    It's a very small grow with a 150 watt HPS light. You can check my journal out here.

    My problem is that most organic growers use 5+ gallon tea brewing stations and active compost piles. I simply don't have room for that, so I'm looking for suggestions to keep things small, yet get good organic results.

    I have a small area in front of my apartment's door where I could probably multiply some microorganisms, and there are plenty of wooded areas around where I could collect indigenous microorganisms. But everything I do would have to be on a much smaller scale than what is done in all the guides. Is it even worth it for a micro grow? I'm going to attempt this real soon either way.

    So far I've mostly just been making alfalfa, guano, and molasses tea for vegging. Just earthworm castings slurry and a bit of molasses for flowering. I brewed some Dandelion greens tea that I am going to try tonight. Scares me that I haven't seen anyone else trying Dandelions for tea, but I'll give it a shot. I brew in a milk jug, but maybe I could fit a 1 gallon bucket with a small pump on top of my grow box. Not sure if that would be a whole lot better. I can't keep the teas for very long term because I don't have the space to brew so much, or space to store them.

    I also have access to E.B. Stone organic fertilizers and minerals. That's all I've bought so far for the organic plants.

    I'd like to direct more organic loving traffic to my journal. I have some good blades, but the more the merrier :D


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