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Good or Bad weed!....What do you's think?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Feb 3, 2003.


Good or Bad?


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  1. Hey i just happened to open up my weed tin and guess what! there was dry weed in it ready for smoking....and it tastes damn good if i do say so myself!!......Peace out...Sid

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  2. god damn, how much does stuff like that cost?
  3.'s the best part.....Peace out....Sid
  4. I aint never seen blow like that before!!

    I wish I could get hold of shit like that over in England.
  5. thats crazy.. theres so much rez that it looks slimy
  6. I aint never seen blow like that before!!

    I wish I could get hold of shit like that over in England.

    not too far away....Scotland.....Peace out...Sid
  7. oi, mail me a peice, lol

    if only I lived in holland that would be okay :/
  8. some more pics...

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  9. another

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  10. that looks like great weed to me lots of crystals
  11. ok last pic as i'm still messing around with my new camera.....Peace out....Sid

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  12. hhhm, looks like some good shmoke....BUT i love the crystal effect :D
  13. looks nice, congratulations
  14. Damn, nice bud man. Enjoy smoking that shit...light up a bowl for me!
  15. done and what a good bowl it right good bowl of this stuff gives a you a good i'm needing out.....Sid
  16. gawd damn, any seeds with that? :p
  17. worst case scenario: harsh because it's dry, but it looks like it'd get youpretty ripped!
  18. looks good but id have 2 try some b4 i coment so post me sum and i can rate it for you (if you dont ask you dont get )
  19. ps it's not dry, it's only dry on the leaves as i haven't manicured it, it stiks to your fingers when trying to put it into a joint, i gave some to my mate who smokes like an oz of hash a week and he was hitting the giggles after 1 joint, just waiting on the other plant finishing....Peace out.....Sid
  20. Looks tasty. Lots of crystals. Way better than the schwag I've got.

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