Good or Bad luck

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  1. I was traveling down my friends road at an excessive speed after finishing a godly blunt with hash mixed in. a black cat started from the right hand side of the road trying to cross my path. Knowing a black cat crossing your path is bad luck I made no attempt to dodge it; killing the beast instantly. Afterwards I began to wonder, is killing a black cat good or bad luck?

    Your thoughts?

    When I hit it I was like :eek: :yay: :metal:
  2. Man I wish I could run you over.

  3. Luck only exists in the mind, if I could say so, myself.
  4. [​IMG]

    Oh, you're fucked
  5. What the fuck.... Dude that was someones cat...
  6. omg man im laughing to so hard, but yeah bro your fucked you prob only got like 48hrs to live now...
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    Well I still woke up today, I just wonder if I stopped myself from being cursed with a little need for speed

    If it's any consolation I didn't see a collar when I hit it

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