good online us headshops?

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  1. I have no head shops near me, so i was wondering what would be a good website to order smoking paraphernalia from discreetly, and quickly with low prices.
  2. GrassCity has a great headshop. Might take about a month to get to you but it always come.
  3. oh yeah well i heard lots of mixed reviews about grasscity so im still kinda deciding if i should buy from here or not
  4. go with gc. although sometimes the customs dept gets lagged up, it will always come. customer service is good if you are polite :)
  5. okay maybe ill go with grasscity but i just dont like waiting for stuff for too long :p

  6. the quicker you order the quicker it comes :)
  7. grasscity is split right down the middle, good and bad, but everydoesit kills it errrtime
  8. Go with grasscity man. i find EDIT over priced
  9. maybe like 10-15 over priced, but you have the service of edit, wich makes it worth it, i myself had a bad time with gc, i won't go into in depth, but if you don't receive something, they give you a "refund", but way less than half of what you paid. Love the forums, but the shop sucks ma balls imho, i ordered from edit years ago, not a fucking problem, plus free gifts :D:wave:
  10. GC isn't good IMO and highly overpriced on any of their decent shit. If you got money you can go with, aqua lab tech (google it like that), kultureva or try googling specific 'brand' names like Itza, SG, SGW, etc and find their contact info/shop info.
  11. Check out 1percent. You won't find much glass, but what they do have is sick.
  12. I came across pipemagic. Dont know if its legit but it offers 2-3 day shipping free in the U.S. I can't find any info on it. Im in the same boat as you op

  13. 1percent has a lot of random papers
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    Highly over priced? Thank god you have him zero information to back that up.

    Im gonna talk just like you now

    You should order from GC because they send you money with your purchase.

    of course I give you nothing to back my claim up, because thats what good advice is ^_^.

    Im just fuckin with ya buddy =)

    This site is priced evenly as anyone else, plus they give you a 10% discount code.

    And no, they dont jack there prices to compensate for the 10% discount, they ahve the same prices as grasscity.

    No one apprciates this website except for those who do there research.

    I helped a fellow blade a couple of weeks back.

    He wanted to buy a Nate dizzle swiss perc tube, but didnt want to spend alot.

    Little did he know that Grasscity cells Nate Dizzle cheaper than ANYONE ELSE ON THE INTERNET, plus there was a 20% discount code going.

    He got a nate dizzle for 490 or less. cant remember exactly.

    He was lucky enough to have me come along and let him know that the website he was using to look for a bong, was also the site that had them cheaper than anyone else on the internet, period.

    This website has a good selection. All fairly priced. Its mostly middle range glass, except for brands like, roor, salt, 4.0, nate dizzle, and wildrok. But it does not have american glass.

    You will never see the other higher end american brands here because GC would sell them to cheap.

    Thats why Toro and Illadelph refuse to sell there glass here. Because GC would sell it to cheap.

    And delivery time is usually a week if customs doesnt hold your product.

    If you dont want your own country fucking you over, you cant buy from over seas.

    most people that buy from here say Its GC's fault that it took so long to be delievered, when in reality its your own country dicking you. Not GC

    I've recieved two full refunds for errors that had nothing to do with GC.

    So not everyone has a horror story.
  15. Listen to me...Go to a site called i got a sweet 4 inch long glass spoon pipe their...shipping is 3 bucks...i got it in three days and they have nice bongs for 20 bucks to 100 bucks.:smoke:
  16. Lmao. Are you being sarcastic?

    Yeah That's totally why most high end brands wont sell to grassshitty. Haha right

  17. oh they jack there prices up, thats a stone cold LIE

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