good ONLINE urban/hip-hop clothing stores?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeLemenT, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I'm not looking for ghetto outfits, really. I'm just interested in the urban know, things like
    At the same time I'm also into skater and basketball clothing styles.

    Can anyone recommend me some good websites with these types of clothes?

  2. goodwill
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  3. white airforces
    black jeans (add 2 inches to both your normal length and waist)
    huge white t

    thats as hood as it gets

  4. I said I don't want ghetto outfits.
    Good post anyways?
  5. well what is 'urban'? i get 'skater' but wtf is 'basketball'?
  6. Hey dude, aint seen you in a while. Great sites, I just looked both them over and I am gonna try ordering soon.
  7. kmart
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  8. If you're selling coke maybe..:D
  9. Yes I also agree with Perez
    Karmaloop is the site to hit up
  10. Dr.Jayz is the only one I go to to get my shyt
  11. I would recommend it’s a mixture place of hip hop culture brands and urban fashion and footwear they can also print your apparel to your needs check them out.
  12. This thread is 10 years old the poster is prob dead or in jail.

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