Good Old Mum

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by theduckbeast, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hay GC

    the other day me and my mum were talking and she was like 'duck' what are you looking at on the net and it was some of rumples harvest pics and then out of no where she showed me this side of her that i've never seen before. Next thing i know she's telling me stories of how she used to take acid and that she had half a pink playboy the other day :| and then i started telling her about a "hyperthetical" grow box and how you goda do this and goda do that and she was, 'duck' what the fuck, when we grew our crops it was never indoor, thats bull shit. The are the steps 'duck' seed+water+sun=bud

    Silly old woman. Love her to bits tho :hello:
    Neone else got their oldies to confess?
    The Duck.
  2. ya mama thizzes? if ya mama hella ugly ima gig wit her!
  3. What's a hyperthetical?
  4. My dad is constantly telling me his stories about growing up in the 70's. HE said the first time her tried acid was when he was 13. Hows that for starting young?
  5. ...What the hell?
  6. wtf stupid hillbillys, just remember that long hair dosent cover your redneck mate. now get the fuck out of my thread
  7. Holey shit thats young, how old were you with ur first drug?

    The Duck.

  8. You like ugly chicks?
  9. lmao how many times have u been in my thread with some jack ass being a fag lol

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