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Good old american apple pie

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SpaceNuggets, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I waana see u cana chefs make a recipie for an apple pie, that is vey would be incredibly ausome to eat weed apple pie!:D im eating regualr pie now, and thts wat compelled me!!
  2. First off, apple pie kicks ass! Secondly, I'm sure that there are many fats used in making apple pie that would absorb THC wonderfully! Good idea, let's see some chefs cook up a specific recipe. :)
  3. It's pretty simple, we make infused pies around the holidays each year, and if I hadn't lost my external hard drive I could have shared a photo tutorial for raspberry pie that is very similar.

    A small amount of hash oil in the crust, and a slightly larger amount added as an inner glaze to the fruit, just before cooking, works perfectly. Besides adding canna oil to the filling, you just need just a little extra flour (or corn starch) to compensate for the added oil, so you can still maintain the proper gel-like consistency to whatever degree you prefer.

    I recommend hash oil, because it doesn't alter the flavor of the dish quite so much (or sometimes, at all) as herb oil will, which includes unnecessary plant waxes and chlorophyll. It works with almost any standard pie recipe whether the recipe came from the 'food network', or your grandmother :)

    It's very, very easy :)
  4. ^ AUsome thank you. i gotta try tht:wave:

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