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Good Ol' Tennessee HomeGrown

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TnNORML89, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Some delicious home grown buds from Tennessee... Enjoy:smoking:



  2. damn gorgeous nugs man!
  3. Thanks man!
  4. very nice buds, looks verrrry tasty. did you grow them yourself?
  5. I agree. they look great
  6. i wish!, but no these were from a friends grow op, but this summer i will have my own :D
  7. Siqqqq....yea I think I might be livin' in Tenn this summer in the Chat area...and i'll def have my own babies up there as well...:D
  8. What area of Tenn you in? Im alittle east of nashville

  9. I;m out in Franklin so not too far from you
  10. Nice! I wish I could find something that good here in Nashville, best Ive been getting is just some reg.
  11. good looks on that
  12. Cant beat dankass homegrown:smoking:
  13. reppin' the TN BABY! killer nugs everywhere.

    im right outside of knoxville
  14. TN Hells Yea! Franktown :D
  15. i live here in hendersonville and ive been gettin a constant purplekushxsour diesel hybrid, sweet tooth, and lemon kush hook-up.
  16. Hell yea ROCKY TOP BUDDS :smoking:

    and the purp/diesel sounds amazing. do you have any pictures? and yea i got some lemon kush a few months ago, but havent seen the sweet tooth.. thats one of my favorites though so i think i might needa meet you my friend :D haha.
  17. Damn, I'm here in Nashville for college (1st year) and can't find a connection to save my life.
  18. Looks like some good stuff. I lived in Knoxville for about 8 years.
  19. Looks like some freshhhh buds you got there man, wish I could smell it!

  20. West Nasty! Good to know there is bud like this close to me. I had to drive all the way to Memphis.

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