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good ol resin.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by chongerific, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. hey, i made this thread so you guys can share some pics of your resin yields when you scrape your pipes, i personally love resin, if i could have a oz of resin or a oz of bud, id choose the resin, it gets you soo fucking blazed and has a good aftertaste, but thats just my opinion, so share your pics and thoughts on the poor mans hash!
  2. lol...

  3. Erm, hmm. Youd really rather have resin than bud? Even though bud would give you resin?

  4. i would not waste time time taking pics of resin, scraping etc. i will smoke it but not post about it just like just did i perfer flowers anyday
  5. It feels like it burns for ever. The first hit is always the good tasting one, after that it's a mix of the butane and burnt disgusting shit.
  6. Resin? Iso.
  7. hahahahah.
    what.. :)
  8. i buy my dealers resin from time to time for 50 cents a g
  9. I use it. Matter of fact, I'm scraping my Volcano parts for the excellent vape goo. Then I'ma smoke it, and get me a high going.

    Saving the green for later.
  10. literally no pics of resin at all the OP must be pissed
  11. I keep forgetting my cute resin ball at my girlfriends house. Pic is promised when i get finally remember it lol

  12. this is the point as to why u chose the wrong thing...the bud would give u resin like said and then u would have resin
  13. Resin is almost better then bud in my opinion. I don't taste it at all and it gets me a lot higher then just normal weed. I don't see why people hate on it
  14. 321.jpg
    Got this the last time I cleaned my pieces
  15. Dank weed really tastes amazing though, id say your crazy if you prefer resin over that. Obviously everyones got their opinion though lol
    Edit: I see now that you said its almost better, I though you said it was better my b

  16. Said no one ever.
  17. I have to ask, but really?

    I have never heard of someone paying for resin

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