Good Ol Oregon

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  1. lived in Oregon all my life practically, and traveled all of the west coast along with idaho, nevada , Arizona, Colo, and Vancouver BC. I still think oregon has REALLY great bud if not the best..

    Anyone else living oregon?

    whats your thoughts on Oregon bud? Good or bad!

  2. It's fantastic, but no one else needs to know that.
    It's always rainy, people are all depressed, you can't get a job. Don't come to Oregon;)
  3. I've traveled up and down the west coast from BC to San Fransisco. Oregon still has the best bud, and I'm a native. Maybe I just know how to grow and get some of the countries finest. It's nice to live in OR.
  4. Used to live in Ashland
  5. Yaaa i havnt found better bud.. Love it here
  6. wish i lived there, seems like a good place to me
  7. I've been thinking about moving to Oregon above people from there seem to not want or like outsiders coming in...porkay? (Why?)
  8. Outsiders in OR... There's a, reason why some don't feel welcome here. Many native oregonians feel they lost jobs and now can't afford a home due to the influx of californians in this state. Now we are welcoming, but it wasn't always this way.
  9. all oregeon is is outsiders basicly same with any state
  10. It's mostly non-natives now. You are right. Can't speak for other states I haven't been to.
  11. where in the south? on the I5?

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