good ol high times.

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  1. story time!!
    camping trip weekend with friends -:smoking:

    oh cripes. a few weeks ago, two of my friends and i went into menards- my friend erin was pushing my friend matt in a wheelchair because he sprained his ankle pretty bad. & it was hurting him and he didn't want to talk. we were baked and went into menards... oh god. hahaha. we wanted to look at the lights. we were in there for an hour and a half. Matt looked retarded, it was funny. I think erin and i were a little embarrased. but didn't care for a while. or forgot about it from being baked. looking back... we think we were the loudest, ... we didn't hear anyone else talking . i sorta felt like we were being watched. haha. but... it was a good time.

    that same weekend..
    we got kicked out of a movie theature for being drunk. + all of us are underage..
    no cops.

    we were looking for reefer, we couldn't find anyone to sell.... so we started to ask people on the street....
    we asked to guys walking... erin flung open the back van door, and was like - you guys... got any reefer? they looked behind us, ... and they were like no man...
    the car behind us was a cop! XD
    we left, and giggled about it..

    one last story.
    got pulled over with them, we were all really really high. we wondered if the van reeked.... got a ticket for speeding. that was it. we lucked out all that weekend. haha.
    plus like5 minites before we got pulled over.... erin took her pipe out of the glovebox thinking it wasn't safe...

    luckyluckylucky. ;)
  2. wow u got some good karma
  3. The other day me and two other friends decided to grab some Jungle Jims, which is a pretty sweet restaurant for those who dont know.

    Anyway we re in a hurry since the other two had to work soon so we called ahead and ordered.

    Now the only thing better then Jungle Jims high, is free Jungle Jims when youre high. One of my buddies had all this Gift Certificate money so we would all eat for free.

    So we get there smoke and go in. Half way through the meal my friend is like ..FUCK. He forgot the girft certificates! So our meal is about 20 bucks each ( good 'ol munchies) and the only money we had was 15 bucks i had on me. So after about 10 minutes of ridiculous planning on how to get them to work and still pay (Dine and Dash is nothing but bad Karma) I had to call home and get some money transfered into my bank account and everything worked out fine. I dont know why none of us thought of this earlier.. our plans consisted of giving them collateral and coming back with the gift certificates ha..that would have went over well.:cool:
  4. hahaha yes by, jungle jims is the bomb
  5. man, i always flip a bitch when at resturants.


  6. yeah. haha.

  7. ive never heard of it but thats an interesting story! haha.

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