Good Nutrients?

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  1. Could anyone tell if these nutrienta any good?? Appreciate the Help. And advice.

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  2. Alaska good for veg

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  3. The second one i never ear about it so i cant tell nothing sorry bro

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  4. Have you used the Alaska Bloom?? Any good?
  5. No i never used bro

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  6. I don't know anything about either one of them. You really need to answer your own question instead of depending on the advice of people you don't know. To know if you've got the right stuff or not, you need to either go to You Tube and watch some vids or do some reading up on the plant and it's nutritional needs during the different phases of it's life. Nutrients are nothing more than plant food and no matter what they call it or label it, it's still magnesium, calcium, etc. Feeding the plant properly goes a long way toward a good harvest for sure, but I wouldn't advise you to start putting anything in a plant until you know for sure it actually needs it. Nutes do not grow plants. LIGHT grows plants. Put as much worry into the lighting you are using with the indoor grow as most do on nutes, and you'll be better off for it. If you plan on a soil grow (you do not say), when and what your plant needs will depend on the soil mix you use. A good quality soil mix can very easily feed a plant for several weeks and no young plant needs anything in the way of food. We don't start infants out on steak and potatoes....same thing with baby plants. You have to be patient and give them time to do what they do naturally and if you've never grown before, I suggest you spend a lot of time gathering information and trying to learn something about what you're attempting to do here. If you don't have anyone around that can kind of guide you through it and you're totally green, you need to really spend some time reading and watching videos. There is a wealth of info on the forum and you can pull up threads related to a topic by using the search option at the top of the "forums" page. Be smart though. Everyone on here, though they want to help, is not on the same skill level. So never take the first suggestion and run with it unless you're willing to risk your plants. LOL

    Keep it as simple as possible to start with. Buy a good soil mix (prepared grow soil) because at least you'll know your soil is right. It's well worth the money too. You need soil, water and light. Sprout a seed or start a clone and put it under the light after you water it in. DO NOTHING ELSE TO THE PLANT UNTIL YOU CAN LIFT THE CONTAINER AND IT FEELS LIGHT AS A FEATHER....REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG THIS TAKES. How long it takes a seedling to actually start growing is going to depend on how much soil you start it in. The larger the container and more soil, the longer it takes the plant to build out a root system. Until it builds a root system, you get little to no growth and no water use. Once it's roots are in place, you'll see it start to put on new growth at a faster pace and you'll know it's actually doing it's thing above soil level. Fresh soil will feed your plant for the first few weeks and stay away from auto seeds so you can repot your plants. Simply repotting a plant into fresh soil resupplies it's food for more time before your plant needs nutes. Giving when they're not needed is just going to fry your plants. Like I said....concentrate on LIGHT, not nutes, to grow the biggest plants and best harvest. Happy Growing!! TWW
  7. NPK ratio of the Epsoma Organic Grow looks like 2-2-2.

    I can only guess because I'm too lazy to look up the analysis for those products but off the top of my head I think it's going to be roughly 1 part Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1) to 2-3 Parts Epsoma Organic Grow (2-2-2) throughout vegetative stage because the N is too high in the fish fertilizer to use equally or as the dominant additive. When flowering you might want other nutrients more suited with higher Phosphorous and Potassium levels or perhaps a PK booster.
  8. Cool thanks man. I know all about nutrients i was just wondering about thesr two particular....
  9. Go to south side graden if in the anchorage area you can find way better stuff for 30 bucks or less

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