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  1. right now ive got about 15 in the ground and 11 in pots that are just clones and some seedlings about 2 weeks old. I used the blood meal, some hydroponix sample nutrients of the basic grow, micro nutrients, and basic bloom  but barely used any of it also with some Humboldt nutrient high in P and K but I barely used any nutrients and all my nugs came out fat and solid. but that was only 13 plants last year so I think I should be good just let the plants do their thing. im definatly going to look into the planting bags though

  2. i use alaska 5-1-1 fish emulsion from lowes hardware for veg. and go with a age old bloom from the local hydro store reccomended from the owner of hydro store for transplant and flowering a these are pretty much the same nutrients needed for rooting and flower. both are very affordable in the gallon bottle. and the end result is always a bountiful harvest. fox farm ocean forest or happy frog is great dirt i prefer the ocean forest myself. and all of the above are totally organic. (tastes great) and has worked for me. :)
  4. I have been using Age Old for about 2 summer grows now along with molasses and have had really good results. Post some pics if you can of the damage area and then the whole plant.
  5. CAM00092.jpg        very tips of leaves are yellowing.      CAM00093.jpg     only the top portion of the plant is doing it           CAM00095.jpg      and these are my babies, the yellowing that you see in blotches is just light getting through the back of me as the sun is going down so it makes parts of the plants look yellow. other than that they are looking nice and i'm probably over exaggerating on the yellowing tips.
  6. Not sure what would cause that outdoors other then nute burn but that wouldn't be just at the tops of the plants. You can give them a nute feed of the flowering nutes to bump up the P&K nutrients. We just started the flowering nutes here since all of our plants are starting to flower.
  7. Have you looked into other amendments? Crab meal help fight pest and is full of nutrients. Add done bone meal, earth worm castings, seabird guano, bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, neem meal, and feather meal are all great to feed the plant. Add rock dust to grow greatly soil. Chicken manure is also a great amendment. Some it this will need to be ordered online. There are some other great things I missed but these are a good start.
  8. I gave the plants a small dose of age old bloom just very small because I didn't have a measuring device. I now have 1&1/2oz measurement cup for the right dose of nutes when it reaches full dose. but they are still yellowing at the tips and one plants older leaf at the top of the plant has began to fully yellow but I think it may be normal but I will get a pic up later of how they are yellowing at the tip and the leaf that has yellowed fully at the top
  9. I use 3tbsp per gallon of water. We just recently fed them a few days ago with no problems. You may need to give them a few higher doses of nitrogen feedings but wait until pics are up.
  10. CAM00108.jpg this is how much they have yellowed since the last pic posted, sorry for the bad quality but its pretty clear how it has gotten worse. CAM00111.jpg this one is not good at all, but it is the only one doing it this bad. CAM00112.jpg different angle of last pic still not good.
  11. How far into flowering are they?
  12. I want to say about 2 weeks on Friday coming up maybe less
  13. Its normal for leaves to yellow and die off in flowering and more so the farther into flowering they get. But you don't want to many dying off to fast or to soon. That's when you might want to give them a feeding of regular veg nutes but don't over do it as to much nitrogen in flowering can slow down the flowering process.
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    2 weeks on Saturday they have been flowering. three weeks ago I ran out of age old with the nitrogen in it and i figured i would let them go with out it and its its been 2 weeks without nitro and i hit them with a little bloom on Friday. so should i go get more age old with nitro and mix a little with the bloom nutes?
  15. That or a cheap substitute for some nitrogen. But I wouldn't mix it with the bloom.
  16. looks like overwater..
  17. Wouldn't they be drooping it they were over watered? All the pics of plants that I`ve seen that were over watered they were drooping unless there are other signs of it.
  18. I water once a week, and I don't think that's enough water.
  19. well I do have organic blood meal granuals from miracle grow, if the age old nutrients is reccomended then I could get some of that but whats your opinion for overwatering? like I said I only water once a week and I don't think its enough but I can back off how much they get I have a drip line like set up to where I just hook the hose up and they all get watered at once, then I use gallon pales to feed them on top of the water they get from the water system so I can back off the water line and just feed them with the pales
  20. To me it doesn't look like over watering but I`m waiting to se what else Mike Trich says. I`ve seen his grows and they are impressive. He might be seeing something were not.

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