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  1. Im using fox farm trio with fox farms ocean forest potting mix. I'm growing 5 maui waui plants in 5 gallon pots under a 600W HID in a 4'x4'x7' space. Fox farms nutrient schedule is scheduled for stopping veg at 4 weeks. But with indoor growth I can stop at anytime. I plan on letting my plants reach 4'-5' and since pure sativas more often triple I plan to stop vegging at 18". What would be a good feeding schedule for my plants? How Long will the nutes in the soil last before I have to start feeding?
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    Also how needed are the other sets of nutrients like open sesame beastie blooms and cha ching becAuse I've heard a lot of success with just the trio
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    You think a pure sativa would only increase 150% during flowering? Some people are saying 200% and a lot of people are saying 300% height increase for sativas. I don't want to wait to flower too long because I don't want it to get taller then 5' but I also don't want to flower too soon because I don't want them shorter then 4'
  5. Also the soil I'm using is fox farms and the nutrients fox farm trio
  6. I'm not transplanting either. I'm growing from seedling to harvest in fox farms ocean forest cut with 20% perlite(maybe a little more??)

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