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Good Nutes For Flowering?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by LoudPackStacks, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Hey...The subject pretty much says it all. What are some good nutes/food for my plants available at Home Depot? Theyre about 4-5 weeks in and look to have 3-4 weeks left.
  2. Give them some bat guano, that has big levels of nitrogen which is what the plant needs before it goes into its final push.

  3. Okay I'll Make sure to look for that. Anybody else have any suggestions? Ive heard about Tiger Bloom And Grow Big, Where can i find them?
  4. 2 get tiger bloom and grow big check your local hydro grow store if not check online. You need lots of phosphorus for flowering.

  5. Thanks...how much shuld i look forward to paying
  6. they are any where from $15 to $18 a qt. but it is really the best for them, you wont be disappointed.
  7. Grow big for veg, and bb and tigerbloom for flower. Also, pick up some molasses at your local grocery.
    Should get you set. :D
  8. good call i forgot to say that....
  9. And buy in quantity so you dont have to fuck with buying anything next year. Luckily for me here in a small town in norcal almost every garden store carries a vast variety of top grade nutrients. Theres one that stocks a whole wall of Foxfarm nutrients. Good shit..
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    dont listen to this your plants do not want nitrogen, if you want big buds you need fertilizers with high levels of potassium and phosphorus with no nitrogen.

    If you want to go the organic route I just mixed one tablespoon of liquid kelp and one tablespoon of black strap molasses with a gallon of water. Has all the phosphorus and potassium you need. feed every 3rd watering
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    Thanks guys ill look around...heres my plants.

    3 sure females.

    Tell me what you think and how i can do better. Still about 3-4 weeks left right?
    I plan on getting nutes this weekend so they can swell up and crystalize!

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  12. looks alright. your not giving them any nitrogen right?
    giving them no nitrogen will cause the plant to take nutrients from the lower leaves and make them yellow. this is alright, but with a larger plant giving them a small shot of Nitrogen would be a good idea.

  13. Okay thats good advice...this was my first grow so i have alot more knowledge and experiment for my next grow =]]:hello::smoke:

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