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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brian hobo, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. well now its summer, and last night i kept trying to plan things with some friends. no one could come over i was just hanging out here, and by older brother had 2 of his friends over. i wasnt really having a good night cause i got into a fight with a close friend. so then my brother and his friends come down here, i was thinking they're going to watch a movie, and my brothers like "hey man dad left to get gas, want to smoke a bowl?". i wanted to smoke and get my mind of everything, but finished my gram off the week before. i was like "yeah man, thanks." so we go out on our patio, but underneath the overhang (it was raining). i took 3 hits and got blazed. that what i love about not smoking a lot, i can get blazed off nothing.

    so we came in and watched Old School (funny movie). chilled for a couple hours and then when i got the munchies i had some pop tarts, those things are awesome.

    im bored and just wanted to share my night...
  2. Good for you man. It's always good to blaze to get shit off your mind. I do it all the time.
  3. I have been clean for the past 18 days ..and I wish I could light up a nice one....Hopefully soon.
  4. yeah i havent smoke actual bud for 7 days and scraped my last bit of resin last thursday. i dont think ill be able to find a sack but im moving back to arizona on 4th of july (yayyy!!!) so im gonna try and stay sober til than so i can get fucking ripped my 1st night back with the homies and shit.

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